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June 23, 2016
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June 30, 2016

Are You Ready


Well. summer is here.  Are you ready?  Did you reach your goal?  That’s the way Uncle Bud started his discussion this morning.  Most of us are used to that, others wanted to at least hear him say, “ hello”. Only two of the coffee club members in attendance could honestly say they had lost the weight they had hoped to lose by the first day of summer.

So Uncle Bud begins: Okay. don’t worry about it but are you ready for the change? Are you now ready to take steps toward making that lifestyle change? Let’s face it most of us start by thinking about changing, planning to change and then thinking about it some more. Well, at least we have a “commitment  to change” in process. But now it is time to take steps to making the lifestyle changes we need  in order to lose weight and become overall healthier.

Let’s review some of the things we need to do in order to lose those excess pounds:

1. Set reasonable goals

It is important to have goals as to how much weight you want to lose within a certain time frame. Resist setting the goal so high that it is impossible for you to reach it. If you do you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

2. Begin some type of physical activity

Start by walking twice a week for 15 minutes may be a good start for you. If you have already been walking challenge yourself to increase the times and length of your walk. Remember a gradual increase in frequency and duration of your physical activity should be one of the goals you set.

3. Keep a diary

Uncle Bud tell us that he has found out that keeping a diary of the foods he eats and the activities he does each day help him to realize the changes he needs to make. There are days you may eat more than you realize if you do not write it down. It is easy to slip a few bites of cake but if you know your are writing it down it may remind you to say no.

If you feel you need help with making lifestyle changes there is a place right here in the Birmingham area that you need to visit, Weigh to Wellness. The professionals there will help you with your goal setting. They will encourage you to exercise daily and make it easy for you to track your daily intake of food. Plus they do so much more. Each person unique and Weigh to Wellness will help you as an individual to determine your daily caloric needs and assist you in planning a plan for weight reduction.

Some of our members are already enjoying the changes  they have seen in themselves because they decided  to seek the help of the staff at Weigh to Wellness. In fact, Sally, is so excited we often accuse her of being on their payroll. She takes over the floor, something Uncle Bud seldom allows, and shares with the group that their support was the key to her being able to reach her goals in making healthful food choices and other lifestyle changes she so needed to make. She actually made it sound like she is having fun and says she looks forward to her weekly trips to Weigh to Wellness.

Don’t you think it is time to give Weigh to Wellness a call?


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