More About Walking

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July 14, 2016
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More About Walking


We talk about walking often but there is a good reason for that; walking helps us so much. We know that walking can help prevent diabetes or help control it if you already have it but there is so much more walking can do for us. (Health

So what else can this easy-to-do exercise do for you?


  1. Curb cravings

Are you aware that walking can help curb cravings? Try it out. Next time you have the urge to reach for a sugary snacks take a 15 minute walk instead. Your walk may just short circuit the desire for that snack.


  1.    Fewer sick days

You may find that you miss less time off work because you are sick if you will walk at least 20 mins a day, 5 times a week. This is good news for both you and your employer.


  1.  Build better relationships

Walking with a friend or family member can help you build a better relationship. There’s something about a brisk walk that leads to conversation. The more you walk and talk the better you get to know your walking partner.


  1.  Fall asleep faster

A study published in the journal Sleep states that a 45 minute stroll in the A,M, and you’ll snooze more quickly in the P.M. That alone would be a plus for walking everyday.


  1.  Avoid a heart attack

Some experts believe that middle-aged women may reduce their risk of a heart attack by 35 percent if they walk 3 or more hours a week. Think about that. It only takes 25 minutes a day. Other research shows similar benefits for men.


  1.  Solve problems more easily

In a Stanford  University study study taking a walk helped people come up with twice as many creative solutions to problems compared to when they were sitting. The effect lasted even after they sat down.


  1.  Stop knee pain

Walking appears to be the best activity for maintaining healthy cartilage in your knees, according to a University of California, San Francisco, study. It can even help reduce pain if your have arthritis


         8.  Help the environment

Now here is an interesting note. Walking 1.5  instead of driving the same distance cuts on the production of greenhouse gases. Plus it reduces air and noise pollution. So you are not only helping yourself by walking you are helping those around you.


  1.  See the world anew

Not only can walking help your health it can help you enjoy the sights around you. After all if you are driving you are not able to really soak in the sights. So take a walk and see things you might have missed if you were driving.


10.Live longer

Do you want to tack on a few extra years to your life. A 15 minute walk a day can add almost 2 years to your life. Add minutes to add more years. By logging a little over an hour of walking a day and you may gain more than four years.


11.Temper bad genes

If your parents are overweight you may feel doomed to be overweight. But you can fight those genes by walking riskly for roughly an hour a day.


12. Maintain your memory

As we get older our brains get smaller. This is an indication that some brain cells may be dying. Research has shown that you can counteract the decline and stay sharper by walking 5 to 6 miles a week.

These are just a few ways walking can improve your life and health. For more information about your health we recommend you get in touch with the professionals at WeightoWellness.

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