Type 2 Diabetes and Weight

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July 21, 2017
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August 11, 2017

Type 2 Diabetes and Weight


If you have type 2 diabetes being overweight can create even more problems for you. Exercise is an important part of your diabetes care. You need to make exercise a part of your daily routine. You do not need to get in the habit of making an excuse not to exercise every day. Regular exercise helps prevent health problems, helps keep your weight down, and also helps insulin work better.

Find activities that you enjoy doing so it will be easier for you to stick to your program. If you have not exercised for a while start with something slow and easy. You can do things like walk your dog, work in your yard or garden, join a walking group.

You can also do things throughout the day that can help you. For instance park your car as far away from the building your are entering as possible. Leave your desk when your can and take short walks during the day. If you have a lot of phone calls to make keep some hand weights close and lift them while you talk. Instead of running your car through a car wash wash it yourself. Be creative with ways you can be active.

If you want help one of the best places you can go is WeightoWellness. The have a professional health care staff that can help you with controlling your weight and type 2 diabetes. With their help you can manage your type 2 diabetes with less stress. And, yes stress can affect your blood sugar and insulin levels. That is one reason it is important to learn to manage stress. We all have some kind of stress in our lives but some of us handle it better than others. Learn to look for signals of unusual stress and work to find ways to help you cope with the stress.

This brings us back to the “stay active” part of your daily routine. Activity can help with your blood sugar levels as well as your stress levels and mood.

Try to keep a positive attitude. Concentrate on things your enjoy and avoid as many negative thoughts as you can. Spend time doing things you enjoy such as listening to music, working on a favorite hobby, being with friends. Have some fun every day. Laughter may help lower blood pressure and reduce stress hormones. Ensure you get plenty of sleep. Did you realize sleep loss may lead to weight gain and interfere with your body’s ability to respond to insulin? It is important that you have a good support network. That is one of the things you will have with the health care staff at WeightoWellness. They even have a doctor on staff. It is imperative that your are open and honest with your healthcare provider about how you feel. You will find it easy to talk with any of the staff at WeightoWellness. They care not just about you losing the extra pounds you need to lose but they also want to help you become as healthy as possible.

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