About Us

Weigh to Wellness partners with each of our patients to develop a treatment plan tailored to each patient's individual needs, focusing on weight loss and reducing the health risks associated with obesity.

Whether a patient wants to lose several hundred pounds or just a few, our comprehensive approach will help each of our patients to establish long-term goals to avoid endless cycles of yo-yo dieting.

Why Choose Us?

Proven Treatment

Since opening in 2014 we have hundreds of satisfied returned clients losing an average of 3-5 pounds weekly.

Budget Friendly

We offer a free consultation for all new patients. No contracts or sign up fees. Free lifetime maintenance with tools designed to help prevent relapse and weight gain.

Personal Relationship

We take time to get to know you on an individual basis. This approach allows us to provide knowledge, behavior modification, coping strategies, and emotional support needed to reach your goal. We tailor our program to fit your LIFESTYLE, your history and any medical concerns you may have.

Comprehensive Plan

We offer medically supervised care with a physician and registered dietitian on the premises. Offering tools you need to succeed, including meal replacements, protein supplements, B12 or lipotropic injections, and prescription medication when needed.

Meet Our Team