• New Years 2018

    New Years 2018

    Here you are, facing a new year. Would you like to be healthier than you are now? Challenge yourself to learn facts about eating healthy and feeling better. Here is something to think about: Most people know that sugary sodas increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease, but many don’t realize it can also increase the risk of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in women! You may already have rheumatoid arthritis and need to accept that sugar isn’t sweet on your joints.

    Experts say that it is hard to pin down exactly how sugar harms your joints, but many believe it could ultimately be attributed to inflammation. Have you experienced the feeling of a slow burn in your joints that brings on pain, swelling, and stiffness? E xcess sugars, such as fructose and sucrose, are thought to add fuel to that slow burning fire.  It’s most likely time to give up much of that junk food. This never sounds like fun, but once your pain becomes lessened, you may not miss that snack cake or candy bar so much.

    Sugars often increase your risk of diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes. Some doctors think those with RA are at doubly at risk to develop cardiovascular disease, and that there is a 50% increased chance of diabetes. If you have RA, you really need to make cutting back on sugar one of your top New Year’s resolutions.

    If you’re asking yourself how you can cut back on sugar, we can give you a few suggestions. First and foremost, stop drinking sugar!  Just as sodas are bad for your joints, so are energy drinks and many fruit juices.  Instead, go for skim milk or black tea, and of course water is even better. Second, drop the syrup. One tablespoon of maple syrup contains 50 calories. If you must have your morning flapjacks, use fresh fruit or pure fruit purees instead. Third, add cinnamon. Cinnamon is a good antioxidant and it helps your body process blood glucose. Try it in your tea, hot chocolate, or coffee! Leave out the sugary creamers. If you’re making muffins, add cinnamon to the batter for a new and tasty treat. Fourth, make your own pasta sauce! Almost all readymade pasta sauces are packed with extra sugar.

    If you would like even more ways to cut sugar from your diet, you can get them from Weight to Wellness.  You see losing extra pounds is not the only reason you have to want to join. You will be coached in ways to eat healthier and therefore be healthier.

    The only thing you have to lose by joining Weigh to Wellness is the extra weight you have collected this past year, as well as some bad eating habits.  If you’ve made weight-loss resolutions for years, only to find yourself doing the same thing each year, it’s time to let us help! Your goals are waiting to be achieved with help from the professional medical staff at Weigh to Wellness.

    Don’t wait any longer!  205-994-2393 


  • Avoid the After-Christmas Crash Diet

    Avoid the After-Christmas Crash Diet

    DON’T DO IT.

    So you’ve overeaten for several days, and now you’re exhausted and feeling fat. Well, you’re not the only one… but do not jump on the crash-diet band wagon.  Yes, you will lose weight initially, but it is often regained very quickly. Quick weight loss almost always leads to disappointment. The best way to have long-term weight loss is not crash dieting. This only leads to “yo-yo” dieting.

    We know that in order to lose weight we have to consume fewer calories than we burn. So get ready, have a plan in place, and accept that you have to make lifestyle changes. The best way to do this is to choose foods low in fat and high in fiber. Of course, it’s always a good idea to choose lower-fat dairy products, leaner meats, whole grain breads and plenty of fruits and veggies. Remember that protein will make you feel fuller longer, and making sure you drink your eight glasses of water every day is not only good for you, it curbs your appetite. For countless reasons, water is so much more beneficial than sugary drinks and alcoholic beverages.

    Don’t skip breakfast, and eat healthy snacks and regular meals. It can be easy to forget simple rules like these, but make no mistake, they are hugely important.

    Most of us cannot and should not stay on a crash diet anyway! Usually by the first week boredom, hunger, or ketosis sets in and the diet ends anyway. You can be sure that what little weight you lose (if any) on a crash diet is absolutely not worth the headaches, nausea, fatigue, or other unpleasant symptoms that often appear with crash diets. Get serious and accept you need a plan! Not just any plan, mind you, one that will help you shed those pounds and help you become a healthier person. But how can you really do this?

    You can get all the help you need by joining Weigh To Wellness. This group is staffed by professional medical people who are interested in helping you lose weight and keep it off. They know that controlling weight is a long term process. You will be coached to set attainable goals and encouraged to reach them in a medically sound way.

    Eating the right food is not the only thing involved in a healthy lifestyle. Exercise helps with weight loss because it raises your metabolism, therefore burning calories for several hours after you finish. If you are healthy enough to do so, vigorous exercise that will increase your body temperature will be most efficient. Using weights will help maintain muscle mass.

    By going to Weigh To Wellness you will find it easier to create a plan and stick with it because you will have all the help you need! You will be able to purchase the snacks and meals geared to help you lose weight. If needed, you can also get supplements. The staff will help you set goals and write an exercise program just for you. You can work at your own rate and be encouraged every step of the way.

    If you have made up your mind to lose those holiday pounds, call Weigh To Wellness today!  205-994-2393


  • Obesity Kills!

    Obesity Kills!

    Obesity is one of the leading causes of heart disease, cancer, liver disease, osteoarthritis, and type 2 diabetes in the United States. O besity can cause you to develop a low self-image, can cause you to become depressed, and make you tired most of the time.

    Every year — in fact, every day, thousands of us spend thousands of dollars on fad diets, exercise equipment, and diet programs. The fad diets do not work, we don’t stick to the diet programs, and after the first few weeks, most of us do not use the exercise equipment.

    Good news! We have found a place with a program that does work, and is easy to stick with, because the health care professionals that staff the place actually care. They care about you as a person, and they want you to be healthy.

    Yes, at Weigh to Wellness, you will be offered a program that is customized to you as an individual. In fact, you will have input into the program that you feel will best suit your lifestyle. Most people are pleased to find out that Weigh to Wellness offers low calorie diet plans and highly supervised, pre-packaged meals. You will be able to pick from a wide variety of snacks, drinks, and supplements. Of course, you’ll want to be left on your own to make the decision as to what is best for you. You will have a staff member that will guild you in every decision you need to make to help you reach your goals.

    There are many reasons you should choose Weigh to Wellness to help you lose weight and become the healthiest person you can be. Their process is simple. If you simply follow the guidelines they give you, you will see the success you have not seen with any other program you have tried. One of the key reasons you will be successful is the staff works with you and you will develop a bond and personal relationship with them. The W2W team consists of healthcare professionals who have developed a proven treatment for the disease of obesity. The program offers a comprehensive treatment plan for medical conditions such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, cardiovascular damage, hypertension, and sleep apnea. Many are not aware that with just a 5-10% reduction in weight, you may experience health improvements including a reduction in blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol!

    You can learn to make everyday lifestyle modifications, and that is the cornerstone of long-term weight management. You will receive the educational resources to help you make wiser choices with food, exercise, stress and relapse management, effectively creating long-term success. You will also be offered ongoing programs and support in maintenance once you have reached your goals. The maintenance programs are free of charge! Your body will thank you!

    Don’t put it off any longer.  Call Weight to Wellness today.  205-994- 2393


  • Plan Ahead!

    Plan Ahead!

    You have worked hard the last few months to shed a few pounds.

    The holidays are around the corner and you want to enjoy them without undoing your progress.

    Here are a few suggestions for you: Remember it is important to eat breakfast. You may not feel very hungry in the mornings, but you need the fuel to get your metabolism going. In order to keep from being tempted to grab a donut or pastry, keep some delicious bars from Weigh to Wellness on hand! Do not get in the habit of thinking you can skip a meal in order to eat more at the next meal. It just does not work that way. Skipping meals does not work.

    Think before you choose. When you are in the buffet line, don’t fool yourself into thinking it will be okay to eat a little of everything. Don’t waste any calories on something you just think looks good. Choose the foods that will benefit you the most. Choose things you do not eat every day. If the baked beans look okay but that potato salad seems to be calling your name, leave the beans off and enjoy a little of the potato salad — don’t overdo it just because it’s a holiday!

    Buffets and BBQ dinners are usually high calorie meals so you do not need to enjoy them everyday, but when you do, plan to look for things you can cut out. For example, leave off the bun and wrap the meat in a leaf of cabbage. Choose your topping carefully. Leave off the mayo and add a little mustard or ketchup.

    If you are invited to a party, offer to help plan the menu. If everyone is bringing something, encourage them to bring healthier foods. Use the opportunity to collect tasty and healthy new recipes!

    If you find yourself hosting a party, plan some fun ways to keep yourself and your friends active. Organize games and activities that will keep the blood flowing! Moving around after a meal helps burn off some spare calories. Be careful not to eat more just because you plan to be active. Train yourself to stop eating when you are full. Do not keep eating just because the food tastes good.

    It’s always best to have water with your meal. After all, we need at least eight glasses of water per day! I f you must enjoy an alcoholic drink, skip the bloody marys and fruity drinks. Choose to sip on a drink that is low in carbs and sugars. Stick to just one.

    Skipping meals is never the way to go, but if you know you are going to a party, there are ways to “bank” a few calories. Start your day by walking a little longer that you do most days. Stay a little longer in the gym than you might have planned. If you are not on a schedule for exercising, start today!

    For more information and professional medical support, call Weigh to Wellness.  205-994-2393

  • Get Serious!

    Get Serious!

    Most of the gang is back to attending the Coffee Club get together every week. This morning we are in rare form and enjoying the beautiful morning. As always the conversation heads toward the fact that someone wants to drop a few pounds. Okay… some of us have more than a few to drop. Mary, who goes on a diet every Monday morning, tells us that she is serious this time. She says, “I’m really serious about my diet this time. In fact I’m so serious, I’ve started using a salad dressing called Six Hundred Islands.” She gets the laugh she expected.

    It’s easy to joke about a health problem, but it’s never easy to actually address the problem. If you’re having a hard time starting a diet and exercise program, it’s time for you to seek the help of the health care professionals at Weigh to Wellness.

    Countless people have used Weigh to Wellness to lose weight and keep it off. What does the team at W2W do that is so different from many other places? For starters, they care. The staff is knowledgable, passionate about health, and eager to help you change your life for the better.

    During your first trip to Weigh to Wellness, you and the staff member you work with will discuss what your health care concerns are, and how to go about losing weight and becoming the healthiest person you can possibly be. You will have blood drawn, so that during the next week, the staff can address and discuss your health in much greater detail.  From there, you will always be a part of the goal-setting and program-planning. Everyone wants to be healthy, but everyone is different — the staff at Weigh to Wellness will help you plan exercises and other aspects of a healthy lifestyle that are tailored to your goals, your health, and your ability. Change takes time, so don’t let yourself become discouraged! As you lose weight and build strength, your exercise program will adapt accordingly. You will also have input into the way you want to eat. If you choose to cook all your meals, you can get some very tasty recipes from Weigh to Wellness. If you’d rather not cook much, you can purchase meals directly from them! The meal replacement shakes and snacks they have available for purchase are healthy and taste great. As needed, the doctor on staff can prescribe a diet pill to get you started on your journey.

    There are many success stories right here within our group. Each of them has a different story to share, but one thing they all seem to rave about is how the entire staff at Weigh to Wellness shows they care. They tell us the staff is encouraging and never makes them feel down if they fail to lose the pounds expected between weigh-ins. That goes a long way with friends like mine. Another of our group, Sam, told us that he feels as if the staff members become your friends, and you never dread going in for your weigh-in.  In fact, he says he looks forward to his visit each week!

    If you are ready to get serious, now is the time. Call Weigh to Wellness today!  205-994-2393


  • No Magic Way to Lose Fat

    No Magic Way to Lose Fat

    These days we hear so much about what to eat, a pill to take, or a shake to drink in order to lose weight. The truth is there is no magic food, pill, or drink, to melt fat off your body. But with a little work and learning to eat healthy you can do it.

    Fiber is important to your diet so you should add plenty of leafy greens, whole grains, nut, and beans to your menu. Prunes are a super way to get fiber too. Look for ways to add fiber to your diet with foods you actually enjoy eating.

    Most all diets tell you to limit the saturated fats that you add to your diet. Keep the portions of foods with these oils small. Make a habit of checking nutrition labels to see how many calories of fat are in the product. Check for oils that are better for you. (salmon, tuna, mackerel)

    Exercise helps burn off fat too. Some of you will be happy to know that research shows a few quick bursts of high-intensity exercise may be as effective as pounding the pavement for an hour. Many fine this is a lot easier to fit into their schedule. You can also add bursts of higher intensity to any workout. Just speed up or work harder for a brief time, then drop back to a more mellow pace, and repeat.

    Your sleep schedule is important to your weight loss program as well. Try getting 6-8 hours of sleep each day. Less than 5 is not good but more than 8 is not good either. If you have a hard time getting 6-8 hours of sleep try going to bed a little earlier, learn to relax before bedtime, keep your bedroom cool, and put up the electronics at least half an hour before bedtime. Your mind needs rest too.

    Lifestyle changes are so important to your weight loss. Cosmetic surgery for many is only temporary. You can have that “tummy tuck” but if you continue to eat unhealthy food and get no exercise it won’t be long before you will be needing another procedure.

    Are you aware that stress can make you eat more fat and sugar, sleep less, exercise less, and drink more alcohol.

    Are you stressed out? That can make you eat more fat and sugar, and unleash the “stress hormone” cortisol, which can boost belly fat. Stress can make you sleep less, exercise less, and drink more alcohol — which can add belly fat. Find ways to help “destress” such as meditation, work out, listen to music you love, or find other healthy ways to unwind and relax.

    Train yourself to go for water as your drink of choice. No calories, unlike lattes, sodas, beer, wine, etc. You may enjoy that alcoholic drink before dinner but it may also cause you to throw your willpower out the window when you order your meal.

    All this may sound simple but many people have a hard time planning and tracking what they eat and the exercise they do. Good news for those people. WeightoWellness is the place to go for the help you need. The health care professional there want to help you with everything you need in order to lose weight and become a healthier person. They will help you set your goals, plan your, meals and snack, and set up an exercise plan suited to your personal needs and lifestyle. Call them today to start your program. You will be glad you did.

    Phone:  205-994-2393  www.weightowellnessllc.com

  • Type 2 Diabetes and Weight

    Type 2 Diabetes and Weight

    If you have type 2 diabetes being overweight can create even more problems for you. Exercise is an important part of your diabetes care. You need to make exercise a part of your daily routine. You do not need to get in the habit of making an excuse not to exercise every day. Regular exercise helps prevent health problems, helps keep your weight down, and also helps insulin work better.

    Find activities that you enjoy doing so it will be easier for you to stick to your program. If you have not exercised for a while start with something slow and easy. You can do things like walk your dog, work in your yard or garden, join a walking group.

    You can also do things throughout the day that can help you. For instance park your car as far away from the building your are entering as possible. Leave your desk when your can and take short walks during the day. If you have a lot of phone calls to make keep some hand weights close and lift them while you talk. Instead of running your car through a car wash wash it yourself. Be creative with ways you can be active.

    If you want help one of the best places you can go is WeightoWellness. The have a professional health care staff that can help you with controlling your weight and type 2 diabetes. With their help you can manage your type 2 diabetes with less stress. And, yes stress can affect your blood sugar and insulin levels. That is one reason it is important to learn to manage stress. We all have some kind of stress in our lives but some of us handle it better than others. Learn to look for signals of unusual stress and work to find ways to help you cope with the stress.

    This brings us back to the “stay active” part of your daily routine. Activity can help with your blood sugar levels as well as your stress levels and mood.

    Try to keep a positive attitude. Concentrate on things your enjoy and avoid as many negative thoughts as you can. Spend time doing things you enjoy such as listening to music, working on a favorite hobby, being with friends. Have some fun every day. Laughter may help lower blood pressure and reduce stress hormones. Ensure you get plenty of sleep. Did you realize sleep loss may lead to weight gain and interfere with your body’s ability to respond to insulin? It is important that you have a good support network. That is one of the things you will have with the health care staff at WeightoWellness. They even have a doctor on staff. It is imperative that your are open and honest with your healthcare provider about how you feel. You will find it easy to talk with any of the staff at WeightoWellness. They care not just about you losing the extra pounds you need to lose but they also want to help you become as healthy as possible.

    Give them a call today:

    Phone 205-994-2393  Web:  www.weightowellnessllc.com

  • Obesity


    Summer is almost over and most of the members of the coffee club are back in town. Seems as if several of us may have enjoyed our vacation a little too much. (as in eating to much of the wrong foods) Sam shares that at his check up with the doctor last week he was told to get the weight off because he was two pounds away from being listed as obese. His comment leads to the question, “what is obesity?” No one was surprised when Uncle Ben begins to explain:  Obesity is a serious, chronic disease that can have a negative effect on many systems in your body. People who are overweight or obese have a much greater risk of developing serious conditions, including:

    • Heart disease
    • Type 2 diabetes
    • Bone and joint disease

    The next question to come up is, “what causes obesity?

    Most people think obesity is just caused by overeating. However, it is not that simple. Some factors that can contribute to obesity are a combination of genetics, socioeconomic factors, metabolic factors and lifestyle choices, and some medications.

    People have a larger chance of becoming obese if one or both of their parents is obese. Metabolic and hormonal factors are not the same for everyone, but these factors play a role in determining weight gain.

    It is not a surprise to anyone that if you overeat and live a sedentary lifestyle your have a greater risk of becoming obese than someone who watches what they eat and stays on a regular exercise program. Eating a diet high in calories that come from sugar, fat, and refined foods puts you are at risk for gaining weight. Eating an unhealthy diet (both adults and children) plus engaging in activities that use little energy (watching TV, sitting at the computer all day, playing games on the phone or computer) can easily lead to obesity.

    If you or a loved one is headed toward obesity there is help for you. If you have made up your mind to correct the problem call WeightoWellness today.

    Because no two people are alike the health care professional there will help you set goals just for you. They will coach you and encourage you as you lose the weight you need to lose. While you may be thinking you want to lose those extra pounds to look better keep in mind how important good health is. Losing as little as 5 or 10 percent of body weight can have a positive effect on your health.

    The staff understands how important it is to have a program that works for you. If you have really set your mind to do what it takes to become the healthiest person you can be they will help you. You will have their expertise in setting goals, meal planning, and choosing an exercise programs.

    By following the plan you chose you will lose one to two pounds a week. Remember losing weight slowly will be more effective and healthy over the long term because quick weight loss often spurs weight regain. Once you reach your weight loss goal you will go on a maintenance program to keep the weight off.

    The coffee club members encourage you to call them today. Some of them have and others are beginning to see the need to do so.

    Phone number is 205-994-2393

    Web: www.weightowellnessllc.com

  • Weight Loss Motivation

    Weight Loss Motivation

    If looking better is not enough to motivate you to lose weight being healthy should.  A member of our coffee club ask us this morning, “Are you aware that dropping a few pounds may just do more for you than make you look and feel better?”. Then he shared a few things he had read in an article written by Michael Wald, MD (integrate medicine specialist Mount Kisco, N.Y.) says about weight loss and your health.

    “For some people, being overweight contributes to worsened asthma and allergies,” Dr. Wald says. “It puts a burden on the adrenal glands, which are involved in managing asthma and allergies. Being overweight is also a strain upon the respiratory system and can exacerbate asthma symptoms.

    Dr. Wald also feels less weight means less pressure on the part of your body that bears the most pressure, your feet. It has been studied and found that some people who lost an average of 90 pounds  have less foot pain. Some foot pain dropped as much as 83 percent. Now if you have ever suffered from foot pain that should be a great motivation for you to lose your excess weight.

    Wald says that being overweight can affect your skin in many ways.“ Skin elasticity and color are known to be altered by problems with nutrition, and diets high in carbohydrates and sugar can cause skin pallor and skin tags,” he says. Darkness around the eyes can be a sign of iron deficiency anemia, protein anemia, diabetes, or stress from a variety of sources.”

    Weight loss and arthritis have a strong connection that’s tied to inflammation in the body. A number of studies have noted that weight loss improves arthritis pain. A recent study of 87 older adults with knee arthritis found that those in a weight-loss group reduced their pain and improved their function significantly over a control group that did not lose any weight.this includes the hormones that impact your mood. As a result,

    When you’re overweight, your entire system is out of balance, and losing weight can increase your overall well-being and decrease the severity of depression. “Many overweight people suffer from severe depression, and depression can also increase the chances of being overweight as it reduces the individual’s ability or desire to help their overweight situation or to prevent it in the first place,” Wald notes. “PMS also can be helped by losing weight, as the loss of fat tissue can have a favorable effect upon hormonal balance.”

    If you find that you are motivated to lose weight but realize you lack what it takes to stick to a plan you need the help of the professional health care staff at WeightoWellness. They will give you added reasons to want to lose your excess pounds to become a healthier person. Then they will give you the tools your need to help you reach your goals. Count on receiving the encouragement you need to keep yourself motivated and to help you stick to your program.

  • What About Sugar?

    What About Sugar?

    Some of us are beginning to realize we need to understand what role sugar plays in our diet. Even if you are not trying to lose weight it is important to understand how sugar affects our health.

    The World Health Organization has recommended that for optimal health we should restrict our added free sugar intake to 25 grams per day. But what are “added sugars”? Well, those are sugars that are removed from their original source and added to foods as a sweetener or preservative for longer shelf life.  Understand that sugars naturally occurring in fruits, vegetables and dairy are not bad but too much is not good for you either.

    Remember this, sugars  naturally occurring in fruits, vegetables and dairy are okay  but sugars removed from their original source and added to foods, need to be watched.

    Sometimes sugars are removed from their original source and added to foods usually as a sweetener or as a preservative for longer shelf life. When reading a label, it’s important to check the ingredients list and look out for any added  sugars. Some companies will confuse you by listing added sugar as other names like ‘evaporated cane juice’ or ‘organic palm sugar’. Do not be fooled. These are still an added sugar  and often contain fructose as a sweetener. Fructose is what makes foods sweet. Fructose is found in fruit (and a small amount in vegetables) but there is a big difference when we eat it in fruit and veggies. Fructose in fruit is encased in fibre which hugely affects its metabolism in our bodies. The fibre helps to slow down the absorption and so it doesn’t get fast, direct access to the liver like it does when it is an added sugar. When  it is able to access the liver very quickly, there is no regulation process for it so it rapidly gets turned into fat. This process is greatly affected and halted when the fructose is absorbed with the fibre of the fruit. Therefore, it is better to eat fruit than foods with added sugar.

    Lactose, sometimes called milk sugar, is a white crystalline disaccharide in milk. Some people are intolerant to lactose and need to watch their intake. The  two sugars that make up lactose are healthy sugars. (glucose and galactose) Glucose is a natural sugar that the body needs.  However, too much sugar is not good for you in any form. That is just one reason it is important for us to eat a well balanced and healthy diet.

    If you are ready to become the healthiest  you can be and still not sure what to do it is time for you to check out WeightoWellness. The professional health care staff there can help you with meal planning and an exercise program suited just for your needs.