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  • Weight loss programs in Birmingham AL

    Tailored specifically to your lifestyle, we create the best weight loss plan for you.

  • Medical weight loss supervision, support, & maintenance

    Form personal bonds with our nutritionists, dietitians, and medical staff, including our licensed physician Dr. Real, certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine.

  • Proven treatment for conditions related to obesity in men and women

    Diet plans for diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea & more!

  • Meal replacements and healthy food

    Our clinic, located on the corner of Acton & Cahaba River Road near Highway 280, offers healthy, delicious food to help you lose weight without having to count calories.



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& Beverages

A weight loss program overseen by board-certified medical professionals with over 25 years of experience in weight management, who have a passion for helping individuals create a healthier version of themselves.

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Brittany-01 (1)

I found that other diet programs didn’t work for me, but the team at Weigh to Wellness customized a plan that would fit my lifestyle and made it easy for me to shed the pounds! I was able to drop 5 dress sizes and keep it off, and I have more confidence then ever before. Weigh to Wellness has changed my life, and I will be grateful forever!

- Brittany C.

My health was in jeopardy due to my poor eating habits. Unsafe blood pressure, rapid weight gain and high cholesterol levels prompted me to seek the help of Weigh to Wellness. Not only was the program simple, but it became a fun challenge. The results were much quicker than expected and my overall health has improved significantly with the added bonus of a more slender me!

- Josi M.

Before and After-01

When I started the program, my primary goal was to lose weight to alleviate knee pain I was having in the hopes of avoiding knee surgery. Forty-one pounds later and my knee pain is 90% gone. The staff has always been great! I have never felt embarrassed or like I was being judged and they are always so helpful and positive.

- Brandon G.

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Weight Loss Tips & Motivation

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Fad diets are extremely alluring and perpetually popular, but do they really work? Yes, they work, but only temporarily for most. If you’re wanting fast results, a fad diet can get you there. But only through cutting out many of the things you eat and making a drastic change. The issue is, they’re difficult to …

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Dealing with a Lack of Motivation?

Whether it’s working out consistently or choosing healthier food options, sometimes we just don’t have the motivation! So how do we get back on track with our weight loss goals? Let us start by encouraging you with this: you are not destined for failure. You can still do this. We can do this…together! We offer …

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Your Guide to Surviving Cookouts This Summer

You’ve committed to a weight loss program in Birmingham, AL and you’re doing so well that you’re not about to let a few get-togethers ruin that. But you also don’t want to be miserable watching family and friends enjoy their food while you eat a meal replacement bar. Is there a happy medium where you …

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