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A medically supervised weight loss clinic offering a customized approach with various options including nutritional guidance, protein supplements/meal replacements, prescription medications and injections, among many other tools. Our program is uniquely individualized based on your health characteristics, lifestyle and weight loss goals. Whether a patient is looking to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds, we have a plan for you!

Patients typically lose an average of 2-5 pounds weekly. It is inspiring to see how excited our patients get when they see great results. It keeps them motivated and focused! Since opening in June 2014, we have celebrated more than 25,000 pounds lost!

We always offer a free consultation for anyone interested in learning more information. A medical evaluation that includes an EKG, lab tests, body composition analysis and a physical with Dr. Real is required to start any program — the fee for the medical evaluation is $150. Programs can range from $13-$100 weekly. Costs vary depending on if the patient chooses to use any meal replacements, protein snacks, prescription medication (if applicable) or injections that may enhance weight loss. Everything is a la carte! There are no contracts and no sign up fees.

Yes. Patients are typically seen on a weekly or biweekly basis for one-on-one counseling and behavior modification. Accountability and structure are key to every patient’s success.

There are many options offered, but the patient picks and chooses the aspects of the program that best fits their lifestyle. Benefits to keeping a food diary are ensuring adequate protein and water consumption, controlling portion sizes, keeping you mindful of nutrition and often identifying triggers to unhealthy eating. Patients who keep a food journal typically lose twice the amount of weight of those who don’t.

No, but Weigh to Wellness does offer convenient meal replacements and protein snacks. Most patients love these healthy options because they are great for grab and go!

Yes. There is no perfect time to diet. Our experienced staff is used to working around any of these issues. We encourage each of our patients to think of it as a lifestyle change, not necessarily a diet.

Absolutely! We are happy to follow up with your primary care doctor or specialist at any time with your consent.

Yes, we offer a free lifetime maintenance program and it is the most important part of the program. Patients can continue to come weekly, biweekly or monthly for maintenance and there is no charge!

Additional Information

It's a Partnership

Weigh to Wellness partners with patients to develop weight loss plans tailored to each individual’s medical needs and lifestyle, focusing on weight loss and reducing the health risks associated with obesity. Our programs are supervised by board-certified medical professionals with over 25 years of experience in weight management, including Registered Dietitians and nutritionists, who have a passion for helping individuals create healthier versions of themselves.

A Personal Plan 

Creation of your personal wellness plan, and support for maintaining your healthy lifestyle after you've met your goal is completely free for life! With no contracts, signup fees, or monthly bills, the only commitment we require is your commitment to losing weight.

Whether you want to lose several hundred pounds or just a few, our comprehensive approach will help you establish long-term goals to avoid endless cycles of yo-yo dieting. In addition to meal plans, we focus on developing healthy habits, including making wiser food choices and exercising regularly.



As an all-encompassing wellness center, we offer every tool necessary to help you meet your goals. These include our medically supervised weight loss programs and nutritional guidance, a wide selection of delicious foods and meal replacements, appetite suppressants, and B12 and lipo injections. We know that no two paths are alike on the journey to wellness, and we ensure that patients have access to everything they need to follow the plan that works best for them.


Are you ready?

Ready to begin your life-changing transformation? With no signup fees or contracts, there’s no better time to start your journey to wellness than now. Take your first step and contact us today to schedule your free first consultation. Our team will get to know you personally to determine the best plan for you, and we’ll kick off your program with guidance for the first leg of your journey… totally free.

Ready to develop a plan that works for you?

Ready to develop a plan that works for you?

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