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How to Manage Food Intake to Lose Weight the Healthy Way

There are so many fad diets on the internet today. Many of them claim to be effective at making you lose weight quickly, but most of the time, they’re unhealthy.

Crash diets, shots, or magic pills won’t help you achieve lasting weight loss either. The keys to permanent control are eating adjustments and exercise habits. If you need education or help to control your intake, you can ask a registered dietitian.

For a proper and healthy diet, here are some foods you need to cut back on or stay away from:

1. Sugar and Sweets

Sugar and sweeteners contain no nutrients; they only add calories and make you feel hungry. If you must eat sweets, make them with artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose, and only in small amounts.

2. Starchy Vegetables

Peas, beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, plantains, cassava, and corn are starchy vegetables. They are all rich in carbohydrates. If you are not physically active, you should eat them in small amounts.

3. Cereals

Cereals are rich in fiber, which is good for your health and rich in processed white sugar. Cereals that boast “heartiness” or “whole grains” are loaded with sugar that promotes weight gain.

4. Milk

Milk has fat, fiber, and protein. However, about half of its calories come from sugar. You should have it in small amounts.

5. Cheese

Cheese is loaded with saturated fats. However, low-fat cheese is still loaded with salt. To prevent eating it, buy slightly aged cheese. 

6. Meat

Meat can be good for your health. Lean meat is low in fat and rich in protein. But you need to manage your intake. If you are an active person, you can afford to eat lean meats only once a day. If you are physically inactive, you can eat it twice a day. 

Habits that Make You Lose Weight Fast for Good

There are many ways to lose weight, but you need to stick to it if you want long-term results. If you stick to the plan, you’ll be able to lose weight more effectively and reduce your risk of becoming obese. Here are some eating habits you should consider adopting.

  • Eat three meals a day. There is no need to eat more than that. You can eat snacks in between meals, but only if you are hungry. If you are not hungry, do not eat. 
  • Do not eat late at night. It will cause you to store extra calories as fat. 
  • Eat breakfast. Doing so will help you lose weight faster. It also increases your metabolic rate for the whole day. 
  • Eat foods that have a lot of nutrients. Choose whole foods over processed foods. 
  • Drink plenty of water. This will not only keep you hydrated but will also help you eat fewer calories. 
  • Do not skip meals. Instead, eat more during meals. 
  • Eat slowly. This way, you can know when you’re full. Eating slowly also helps you enjoy the meal more.


The best way to lose weight is to practice good eating habits. Avoid processed foods. Choose foods with lots of nutrients. Eat three meals a day, but do not eat more than that. Eat slowly. And of course, exercise regularly. Losing weight is not easy, but the healthy way is always better than the fast way.

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