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Here we are spending another beautiful day with our friends at the Coffee Club. By  now most of you know Uncle Bud is sold on WeightoWellness. So are several of the newer members and most of the members who have listened to Uncle Bud’s lectures for over a year. Incase you have not been keeping up with us Uncle Bud has always been one to encourage friends to eat right, exercise, and do all in our power to live a healthy lifestyle. Well, several months ago he discovered a place called WeightoWellness. He joined and has done so well on the program that several members have followed his example. Those of us who have not started have to admit it is exciting to see the success our friends have had. We are  full of questions about the program that they have tried and wonder if it would work for us. It would be so nice to have a plan  tailored just for us  and someone to help us stick with that plan.


Mary tells us that she is on a  very low calorie diet program. (VLCD) This program is for the patient who is moderately  or morbidly obese. This program typically is for people to have a BMI over 30 or over 27 with  complications. She points out that the complications are such things as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol.

As part of this program carbohydrates are restricted to approximately 6270 grams per day to  help the body  convert fat into fuel. Most patients experience weight loss of 3 to 5 pounds per week. You don’t have to worry about planning meals because they have meal replacement  that are good tasting and give you the nutrition you need.


Sam shares that he has been placed on a low calorie diet program. (LCD)This program is for people who have less than 40 pounds to lose or for those who are not able to commit to a VLCD program. Most people who choose this plan experience 2-3 pounds of weight loss per week. The LCD plan can incorporate grocery foods with meal replacements products or protein supplements.


No matter what plan you commit to a registered dietitian will work with you to make sure your nutritional needs are met. There will be a personalized meal plan designed for you to help establish realistic goals. Patients receive ongoing encouragement and support in a 15-30 minute session until his/her goals are reached.


For WeightoWellness patients who qualify FDA approved appetite suppressants will be dispensed. However, accountability and motivation are the two main facets of weight loss that are critical to each person’s success. We all  believe that appetite suppressants may be a helpful tool when following a prescribed diet plan but the ultimate key to successful weight loss is making a complete lifestyle change. This change needs to include exercise and healthier decisions about the foods we eat or don’t eat.


As we leave Uncle Bud throws out this question, “Doesn’t it just make since to get the professionals at WeightoWellness  help you chose a plan and give you the tools and encouragement you need to stick to the plan”? No one can disagree.


Phone 205-994-2393   www.weightowellnessllc.com

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