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Here we are again at the coffee club. This group of people discuss everything from baseball to politics to the fact that most of us need to lose weight and all of us want to be healthy. As most of you know by now Uncle Bud is our unofficial leader. He is able to encourage us to make lifestyle changes that enable us to lose weight and become overall healthier. He can do this because that is exactly what he has done.


Today Uncle Bud is reminding the group, “If you’re looking for a weight loss program overseen by board certified medical professionals with 20 years of experience in weight  management who have a passion for helping you I have found them for you”. Most of us already know he’s talking about WeightoWellness. He and several of the other members have had great success with the program. Today they are sharing with us that we too can get their help.


WeightoWellness has the team that is waiting to help you master the lifestyle skills necessary for success. Just give them a try. They are there to guide and support you through the program every step of the way.


Mary and Carl share with us the experience they had last week when they decided to go check out the program WeightoWellness had for them. Yes, they have a program for each individual person. Because no two people are alike they work with you to setup the exact program you need to reach your individual goals. If you need to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds the staff  works with you to do so. Remember they are not just there to help you lose weight but to help you to be overall healthier.


Carl shared that one of the things he is  most excited about is the fact that they have many nutritional products such as beverages, soup, puddings, bars and even meals that provide optimal nutrition for you while you follow their weight reduction program. Mary agreed that this is important but she is also impressed that you have medical supervision all the way. They both agree that the staff was so friendly and helpful they actually look forward to returning next week.  Other members, who have already started the program, agree they look forward to each week’s “weigh in” because they know they will  receive the encouragement they need to continue.


So if you are serious about shedding those extra pounds and becoming a “healthier you” we encourage you to check out WeightoWellness. Don’t you agree that most of us have wasted enough time and money on fad diets. How often have you lost ten pounds only to become discouraged and tired of eating the same old things? Once you give up you quickly gain back the ten pounds with an extra five. Trust us, if you are truly ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle you can get the help you need by going to WeightoWellness. You won’t be sorry.


Give them a call today:  205-994-2393. Visit them on the web at

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