Who Can Help Me Lose Weight

Uncle Bud is back for his trip and pumped again. This morning he is sharing with the Coffee Club some of the reasons he wants us to check out the place he has gone to lose weight and become more healthy. As we have told you before several of our members have had great success with the same program so the new members are very interested in what he has to say.

He begins by sharing with us that in the past he tried several other programs with little or no success. He would lose a few pounds only to have them return and bring “friends” with them.  Like many of us he says what success he did have in losing weight was not long term. A program without a dedicated staff and good maintenance program is not going to work.

The place to go is Weigh to Wellness. Here are a few reasons why. The program is set up for each patient to achieve.  The staff becomes partners with them in their journey to weight loss  and better health. A treatment plan is tailored to each patient’s individual needs. The program will focus on weight loss and reducing the health risks that go along with obesity. You may, like Uncle Bud, just need to lose a  few pounds or you may need to lose several hundred pounds. Whatever the case may be for you their comprehensive approach will help you to establish long-term goals and stay away from the cycles of yo-yo dieting.

He has our attention and the questions begin. Lynn wants to know what to expect on his first visit should he decide to seek their help. As most of us  know from the past Uncle Bud is waiting for the question and ready with the answer.  He tells us that during the first consultation we will be able to determine which of their plans will be best and most conducive for our lifestyle. That is a plus because no two people are alike and what works for you may not work for your friends. The beauty of the program is there is no contracts or sign up fees and you can change programs as needed. Remember Weigh toWellness is there to help you succeed.

The next question is, “But how does it work?” Well for the best results the patient (you) needs to commit to the 4 phase approach of the program. Uncle Bud says they told him to think of the program as a long stretch of highway where the road conditions and driving rules change along the way, but the road keeps on going. There is a definite starting point, but no true finish line as weight management is a lifelong process.

Keith says he understands needing to comment but ask what is the 4 Phase Approach. Uncle Bud tells us that is an easy one to answer as he took it right off their web page.  The phases are screening, reducing, adapting, and maintenance.

We are encouraged and would encourage you to check Weigh to Wellness our. You will see this and other information on their web site. www.weightowellnessllc,com.


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