Dieting and Holidays

Last week we discussed ways to enjoy holidays without eating so much you feel you have sabotaged all the hard work you have done.  We have discussed this before but it is so important it needs repeating. Eat breakfast! Yes, even if you are not really hungry. You may not feel hungry when you wake up but you still need to eat a healthy breakfast. Not a donut or other pastry. It is easy to think if you skip a meal that it will be okay to treat yourself later by eating a larger amount than you should. If you skip breakfast or lunch it does not balance out over eating at the holiday meal. In fact you may have a low blood sugar spell, become over hungry and then overindulge. Skipping meals just does not work.

When you are deciding what to eat at the BBQ or going through the buffet line don’t be tempted to pile some of everything on your plate. If there is something you just “sorta want” leave it off. Why waste the calories on food you you are not really in the mood for. Enjoy things you do not eat on a normal day. Eat a little of that 7-layer dip and that brat. If you think the potato salad is just okay leave it off.

BBQ dinners tend to be high calorie meals. However, you most likely do not have them every day. So when you do go ahead and eat that burger. Just leave off the bum. After all it is just bread. Try wrapping the pattie in a cabbage or romaine leaf. Watch the topping you use. A little mustard and ketchup is a better choice than mayo.

If you are at the point where you need more control over the party host it yourself. Plan the menu and ask your friends to bring healthier, lighter foods. You may even start a new trend of having healthy potluck parties and see who can bring the tastiest healthy recipe. It could be fun to plan easy but active games to play after the meal. Remind everyone to enjoy the food but if they overeat no one will want them on their team because they will be sluggish. We all want to win.

If you must enjoy a little booze with your BBQ remember it will be best to sip on a drink that is low in carbs and sugars. So skip the bloody marys and fruity drinks. Even better, just settle for drinking water with lemon. Remember we need at least eight glasses of water a day.

Do not forget that you can bank some calories, not by skipping a meal, by starting your day with a walk in the park or going to the gym for a workout. This is a good plan on any day not just before a holiday meal. If possible plan to have friends go with you because the buddy plan makes you more likely to stick with the plan.

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