Lemon and Chocolate Calcium Chews


(not a supplement)

ShapeWise Chews are specially formulated with Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), which has proven to;

• Increase fat loss and block the absorption of fat

• Enhance weight loss

• Optimize body shape

• Maintain more lean tissue after dieting

And that’s not all; dieters in an in-house study say that ShapeWise Chews assisted them with compliance and hunger!
How does CLA work?

CLA works to reduce body fat by preventing fat accumulation in fat cells. Fat normally enters the fat cell through a “door” that is controlled by an enzyme, the “key”. By acting on this enzyme, or “key”, CLA keeps the “door” locked. When the “door” is locked, fat cannot enter the cells thereby not allowing the amount of fat to increase in the cells. The less fat that is present in the cells, the smaller and less mature they become, which helps to reduce the level of fat in the body. Furthermore, the increased breakdown of fat helps to fuel and preserve muscle mass, which in turn increases lean muscle mass and results in weight loss.


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