Need Gift Ideas?

This time of year is a wonderful time for reflection and looking forward to new beginnings in the year ahead. It’s also a time to spend with friends and family – hopefully in a stress free environment. One of the big stressors of the season can be gift buying. What do you get for the brother who has everything? Or the friend who “really doesn’t need anything this year?”

One solution is to pick gifts that helps your friends and family maintain a healthy lifestyle – although, if you haven’t previously discussed health and wellness keep in mind that some loved ones can be sensitive about weight issues, especially around the holidays. But for your friends that are starting a new diet or training for their next triathlon, here are a few great items to consider this year:


  • Gym Membership: For some people, the biggest barrier to beginning a new workout routine is the cost of a gym membership. Consider buying your loved ones a few months at the gym and planning a group workout routine. You’ll create new memories through your weekly meet-ups and you’ll both feel healthier throughout 2015.


    1. Running Shoes: A great pair of shoes are key to maintain an active lifestyle. From experienced runners to young athletes, everyone will appreciate a new set of kicks to run in the New Year. It’s best to know your friend’s or relative’s style, shoe size and health needs before buying shoes – or alternatively, consider a gift card to a local shoe store.


  • 10K Entry: It’s the worst-kept secret that races are surprisingly fun. Whether it’s color runs or nighttime, neon party runs, it seems like everyone is running these days. Why not consider signing you and your friend (after getting his/her buy-in, of course) up for a local 10K? Or if budget allows, pick an exciting location for a weekend running trip!
  • Weigh to Wellness Meal Plan: It is possible to give your health-conscious friends food that is both healthy and delicious. If your friend has expressed interest in joining a meal program, consider helping him or her out with a few months of a diet-planning. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!
  • Fitness Monitor: There are now tons of workout gadgets and monitors on the market – from Fitbits to Jawbones to Nike+, which may be perfect for your friends trying to “hack” their fitness. These devices can monitor everything from steps walked to heart rate, from a GPS readout of your running habits, to total elevation. Some devices offer reward incentives or social sharing options which can help keep new athletes on target.


There are so many more gift options available out there for your active friends and family. Maybe your nephew needs a new gym bag? Or your aunt could use a new tennis racket? Sign your son up for spring baseball or buy your husband a golf lesson. The great thing about active gifts is that, together, you can build memories that will last you a lifetime.


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