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Determining If You Can You Lose Weight Just through Dieting

If you’re wondering if you can lose weight just by dieting, you can if you consume fewer calories than you expend. You’ll then probably start to lose weight.

Establishing a sustainable, secure, and pleasurable eating pattern is crucial whether you’re looking to lose, gain, or maintain your current level of body weight.

People who want to lose weight often increase their activity levels to generate a higher calorie deficit in addition to modifying their diet. This enables individuals to consume more of their favorite foods while maintaining a less restrictive diet.

The sections below reveal the relationship between nutrition, activity, and weight loss.

Weight Loss without Exercise Is Possible

If you lose more calories than you consume, you can lose weight without exercising or increasing your physical activity.

Gaining weight is caused by several different things. But excessive calorie intake and a lack of exercise are usually the key contributing factors.

Losing weight is aided by a calorie deficit. You can produce a calorie deficit by consuming fewer calories overall, raising your activity level to burn more calories, or doing both.

Exercise and physical activity, however, benefit your health in ways that go well beyond just helping you sustain weight loss. The one is a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

The sections below compare the studies on weight loss through calorie restriction alone to the studies on weight loss through a combination of calorie restriction and exercise to see who comes out on top.

Only Diet 

You can reduce your weight just by changing your diet. You must develop a calorie deficit or consume fewer calories daily than you expend in order to do this. You create a calorie deficit by lowering your daily caloric intake by a few hundred calories.

You’re more likely to lose weight quickly the more calories you reduce from your diet. However, restricting calories too severely is unhealthy and will not support your long-term efforts to maintain and control your weight.

Low and very low-calorie diets can alter your body in compensatory ways, such as by increasing your appetite, causing you to lose muscle mass, and decreasing the amount of calories you burn each day. This makes it more difficult to keep weight off in the long run.

To avoid these negative effects and promote a more long-lasting method of weight loss, doctors advise making smaller cutbacks in calorie intake.

Diet and Exercise

You can reduce weight while maintaining your current level of activity. However, studies demonstrate that calorie restriction combined with increased physical activity is more efficient than calorie restriction alone.

The activity groups lost more body fat while maintaining their lean mass, despite weight loss being identical between the groups. In the control group, lean mass was lost.

Lean mass preservation is crucial during weight loss. Your metabolism may become messed up if you lose muscle, making it more difficult to maintain your weight.


It is possible to lose weight solely by food. But research indicates that increasing exercise levels while cutting calories is the best strategy for losing fat and keeping muscle mass.

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