Dealing with a Lack of Motivation?

Whether it’s working out consistently or choosing healthier food options, sometimes we just don’t have the motivation! So how do we get back on track with our weight loss goals?

Let us start by encouraging you with this: you are not destined for failure. You can still do this. We can do this…together! We offer medical weight loss solutions at our Birmingham, AL office. But we know you have to work hard at home on your own time too, so the following are a few ways you can get motivated, stay motivated, or address the things holding you back:


Emotional eating

This can be a tough one for a lot of us- we go for a tub of ice cream when we’re sad or eat way too much food to make ourselves feel better. You might even be eating more (or making poor food choices) because you feel bad about yourself for your lack of motivation to lose weight. So what should you do about it?

Be honest with yourself. It’s the only way you’ll be able to fully see your emotional eating triggers and be able to address them. Take control of the situation. Take notes on your phone or keep a weight loss journal about how eating certain foods makes you feel or what you turned to to make yourself feel good that day. Review these notes, look for patterns, and address it. Find a way to express yourself or find a stress-release that doesn’t involve food. If you emotionally eat when bored, try to avoid your trigger foods when grocery shopping so that you don’t have them available in your house when you’re feeling “weak”. 


Change your motivation

Are you wanting to lose weight because of your looks? That’s fine and isn’t necessarily a bad motivation, but consider the immense physical and medical health impacts weight loss will have. 

Appearances fade. Compliments about your weight loss will die down. We will be happy to sit down with you and discuss how losing even a small amount of weight can change your health. 

So when you need to stay motivated to stick to your eating and exercise habits, think about all of the health benefits of reaching your goal weight. You’ll be more likely to live a longer life with fewer medical problems. Wearing a smaller size is just the cherry on top! A happier, healthier life is the ultimate reward.


We want you to be able to enjoy life without excessive weight literally and figuratively weighing you down. The good news is that we can even make your weight loss journey enjoyable- our food and drink options are healthier alternatives that are still tasty! We offer medical interventions that can kickstart your weight loss because we know that losing weight and maintaining it daily is not easy…on your own. We offer these medical weight loss solutions at our office right here in Birmingham, AL. Plus, as a part of your weight loss journey with Weigh to Wellness, you’ll come in for scheduled “check-ins” and communicate regularly with our doctors and staff, so it’s another added layer of accountability and motivation. Let’s do this together. Call us at (205) 994-2393 today, and let’s get motivated to lose the weight and keep it off!

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