Eating Healthy During The Holidays [Updated 11/18]

You’ve worked hard the last few months to shed a few pounds.

The holidays are around the corner, and we’re sure you want to enjoy them without undoing your progress.

Here are a few suggestions for you:

It’s important for you to remember to eat breakfast. You may not feel very hungry in the morning, but you need the fuel to get your metabolism going. In order to keep from being tempted to grab a donut or pastry, keep some delicious bars on hand! Don’t get in the habit of thinking you can skip a meal in order to eat more at the next meal – weight loss just doesn’t work that way. Skipping meals does not work!

Think before you choose. When you are in the buffet line, don’t fool yourself into thinking it’ll be okay to eat a little of everything. Don’t waste any calories on something you just think looks good. Choose the foods that will benefit you the most. Choose things you don’t eat every day. If the baked beans look okay, but that potato salad seems to be calling your name, leave the beans and enjoy some potato salad — don’t overdo it just because it’s a holiday!

Buffets and BBQ dinners are usually high calorie meals, so you don’t need to enjoy them everyday. However, when you do, plan to look for things you can cut out. For example, leave off the bun and wrap the meat in a leaf of cabbage. Choose your toppings carefully. Leave off the mayo and add a little mustard or ketchup.

If you’re invited to a party, offer to help plan the menu. If everyone is bringing something, encourage them to bring healthier foods. Use this opportunity to collect tasty and healthy new recipes!

If you find yourself hosting a party, plan some fun ways to keep yourself and your friends active. Organize games and activities that will keep the blood flowing! Moving around after a meal helps burn off some spare calories. Be careful not to eat more just because you plan to be active. Train yourself to stop eating when you are full. Don’t keep eating just because the food tastes good.

It’s always best to have water with your meal. After all, we need at least eight glasses of water per day! If you must enjoy an alcoholic drink, skip the bloody marys and fruity drinks. Choose to sip on a drink that is low in carbs and sugars. Stick to just one.

Skipping meals is never the way to go, but if you know you are going to a party, there are ways to “bank” a few calories. Start your day by walking a little longer than you do most days. Stay a little longer in the gym than you might have planned. If you are not on a schedule for exercising, start today!

Our final tip – make things easy on yourself this holiday season and stock up on some of the delicious, weight loss friendly snacks and entrees we provide in our clinic. We’re conveniently located on the corner of Acton and Cahaba River Road – right at the crossroads between Hoover, Mountain Brook, Vestavia, and the Highway 280 / Inverness area – so stop by and try something new!

For more information and professional medical support, give us a call! There’s no better time than today for you to start down the path to your weight loss goals.  205-994-2393

Updated 11/8/18


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