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Factors That Contribute to Your Unwelcomed Weight Gain

For the most part, losing weight is challenging. It can even be extremely upsetting if your weight-loss efforts seem to be having the opposite effect. The numbers on the scale appear to be steadily increasing rather than decreasing.

If you identify with these annoyances, there could be a variety of reasons why you have weight problems. The good news is that many of these causes have clear explanations and straightforward solutions.

Your weight is influenced by a variety of variables, including nutrition, activity, lifestyle, and genetics. While many of the causes that contribute to your unwelcome weight gain are beyond your control, there are plenty that are.

Below are a few of the most typical causes of unwanted weight gain.

Serving Sizes

You may be gaining weight rather than decreasing it because of your portion ratios. According to a 2018 review that was printed in The Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, portion sizes have been rising both at restaurants and at home for years. 

What you see as a typical serving of food may be far bigger than the recommended serving size. Large amounts of meals that are high in calories but low in nutrients increase calorie consumption overall, which causes weight gain.

Even nutrient-dense foods like fruits and nutritious grains can increase calorie intake and result in weight gain, so consuming greater portions of any kind of food can have the same effect. Whether you’re consuming high-calorie or nutrient-dense foods, portion sizes matter.

Food Options

You can gain weight even if you watch your caloric intake because of the foods you choose to eat. An investigation of the effects of consuming an ultra-processed food diet on eating behaviors and weight in a small group of individuals was published in the scientific journal Cell Metabolism in 2019.

The subjects consumed a diet with little processing for two weeks and a diet with a lot of processing for two weeks. 

The individuals consumed 500 more calories each day and ate more quickly when given a diet high in ultra-processed meals, which are foods high in fat, salt, and sugar. They also gained two pounds as a result.

Lack of Activity

Numerous things have become more practical in modern life. You may order groceries online and have them delivered right to your home while staying seated on the couch and changing the channel. But you become less active as a result of these modern comforts.

Exercise is an important aspect of weight management, and every movement counts. Your unanticipated weight increase could be the result of your altered lifestyle, especially if you work from home and shop online for everything.

Excessive Exercise

Muscle is strengthened and grown through exercise. Making your body work harder causes little muscle injuries that ultimately result in muscle growth. Additionally, this results in swelling, fluid retention, and weight gain.

Exercise is beneficial, but it also increases appetite. You may be eating more as a result of your sudden weight increase. 8 To control calories and appetite, pay attention to the foods you choose and the portions you serve.

Medical Conditions

Unwanted weight gain is also a side effect of numerous drugs and medical disorders. People are more likely to gain weight when using hormonal birth control, corticosteroids, and drugs to address mental health issues.

Weight gain is a side effect of hormone-related medical illnesses like hypothyroidism, PCOS, and Cushing syndrome. Women also put on weight during their menstrual cycle as a result of fluid retention.

Stress and Sleep

Unwanted weight gain is frequently brought on by inadequate sleep and excessive stress. Lack of sleep causes your body to store extra calories as fat, raises your hunger, and causes you to eat more.


No one method works for everyone when it comes to weight and weight loss. You can better understand the reasons behind your weight gain by working with a healthcare provider who has a focus on weight management, such as a registered dietitian, so you can make the necessary changes to support your aspirations.

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