Goal Setting for Weight Loss

Oh no! It had slipped your mind. The postcard came today. The card is to remind you that your 50th class reunion is just 6 short month away. You had planned to drop those extra pounds before the reunion. Maybe with some planning it can happen. It is s important to plan so your desire to lose those extra pounds will not melt away the minute you are faced with the Monday morning glazed doughnut someone so graciously left in the break room at the office. Setting goals help you set yourself up for success. Remember this, while looking good for others may be important for most of us our goal should be to be healthy and feel good about ourselves. After all we spend more time with ourselves

than with others.

Your goals should be:


Short term and specific.  Instead of saying “I am going to exercise” choose the exercise program you want to do. Also set the amount of time you want to spend exercising. In addition to a planned program set some specific goals that fit into your day. For example, make up your mind to take the stairs instead of the elevator, park in a spot that requires you to walk instead of riding around the parking for five minutes to ensure you get the parking spot closest to the door. Keep an umbrella in the car so a little rain will not keep you for getting in a few extra steps.


Measurable – Track your progress in a diary each day. It helps to see your progress in a visible way. Be proud of yourself for little improvement. If you decide to walk 20 minutes every day for a while note the date you want to start walking 25 minutes. Pick a certain pair of pants to wear when you walk then note when you first realize they fit a little looser. Oh yea, be sure to go to a smaller size when you start having to continually tug to keep the pants up. Don’t forget to make as a goal reached.


Positive – Say “I will eat healthy rather than I won’t eat junk food”. You do not want to set goals that make you feel deprived. Instead set goals that let you feel good about your successes. In order to stay positive be sure your goals are realistic. The extra pounds did not jump on you overnight nor will they depart overnight. Develop the mindset of, “I am positive I will do this” and refuse to tell yourself, “I know I want stick to this, I never do”. Do not be you own negative source.


Personal – You may want to look better for your class reunion but do not let that be your only motivation. Lose weight for yourself. You will feel better, look better, and hopefully enjoy better health. Do this for yourself.


Rewarding – Reward yourself for each small victory. (The end of 5 weeks may be a time to enjoy one Monday morning donut, but just one). They are steps toward your long-term success.


Now set your goals and have fun.

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