How Can I Sneak In Extra Exercise? [Updated 3/19]

Think you don’t have the time to exercise? Knowing the benefits of regular exercise may change your mind. In fact, it should encourage all of us to exercise. Did you know that regular exercise may ward off numerous health problems? Exercise has been known to help prevent heart problems, high blood pressure, and even improve your overall mood. Exercise can also increase your energy levels and enjoy better sleep.

Here are a few things you can do to make sure you get the exercise you need.

Morning Stretch

When you first get out of bed in the morning, stretch. This can be as simple as some gentle stretches just to wake up your muscles. If you are looking to challenge yourself, add in a few push-ups and sit-ups. Remember you do not have to do a strenuous routine.

Get Your Steps In

If you’re able to take your bike or walk to work, do it! If not, make sure you park far away from your office or take the stairs instead of the elevator. You will be surprised to see how many steps add up on a weekly basis.

Sneak In Exercise

Do you have a desk job? You can still sneak in some exercise. Keep hand weights available and use them while reading emails or talking on the phone. Exercise is as simple as moving. Every little bit helps.

Do not get into the habit of eating your lunch at your desk. Eat something healthy while on-the-go to the gym, off for a walk, or running errands.

Get up and walk to the coworker’s desk for a conversation instead of sending a chat or email or calling them from your workstation. When possible have “walking meetings.” This gives you a chance to leave the conference room and walk and talk. You may find others enjoy this too.

If you find yourself waiting in line move around as much as you can without losing your place. Flex your abdominal muscles. If you have room, maybe even do some squats! You may start a trend and find others have the nerve to join you.

Sneak In Exercise

While this may be a little hard for some of you after a busy day at work, skip that happy hour and do something active! You will benefit by taking in less calories and by being active. Maybe your “happy hour” buddies will even join you. Find a friend to be your workout partner. You can enjoy time together without happy hour. Plan to treat yourselves to happy hour once a month. Then get back to the exercise.

Take a Walk

If you have a dog take the pooch on a power-walk. If you don’t have a dog go for a power walk after dinner with a family member or friend. Not only will you sneak in a little exercise you will enjoy conversation and nature.

Clean your Home

Save the money you are paying someone else to clean your house and burn off calories as you move vigorously around while vacuuming, dusting, and sweeping. Get outside and mow the yard with a push mower instead of the riding mower. Spend some time washing your car. You may even find that you enjoy doing the yard work and gardening yourself.

If you need help with an exercise plan give WeightoWellness a call. The health care professionals there will help you with a diet and exercise program that will be best suited to your needs.

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