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How to Stay Motivated With Your Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD)

Achieving a goal weight takes a lot of fuel to start and commit to. A lack of motivation is often the primary reason people may fall out with their weight loss plan. Sometimes, a diet can also be overwhelming, causing people to back out or give up during the process. However, if you really want to lose weight to become healthy and fit, maybe you just have to find the right motivation and plan. 


In this blog, we will talk about some ways you can keep motivated and stick with your weight loss journey. 


How to Stay Motivated With Your VLCD:


1. Prepare Properly


Without proper preparation, there is a higher chance of faltering in your commitment. First, you need to identify what kind of food intake you need, what diet plan you intend to follow, and how many calories you should have per day. Do not suddenly drop your calorie intake, as you will feel terrible when the withdrawal kicks in. Instead, steadily reduce your carbs and calories and up your liquids over the week before officially starting the program.


2. Find Social Support


In whatever we do, we all need support and positive feedback, so it is good to look for social support. However, don’t let everyone know so you can focus on your goal, not on what other people might say. Instead, find social groups involved in the VLCD program so you can get support from kindred spirits. 


3. Read About Your Diet


You also need to research and read about your diet so you can keep that motivation in mind. Reading magazines, books, theories, and success stories related to VLCD can give you some inspiration and tips to deepen your understanding and focus. 


4. Keep a Journal 


Journaling can help you keep track of your progress. It is also a good idea to put photos and record the things that are challenging during the process. In addition, you can write about what you feel, what you miss, and why you are doing this so you can remind yourself about your primary goal. 


Later on, you can share some experiences with someone who is just starting and hopefully inspire them through your story. 


5. Schedule Some Great Non-Food Rewards


Give yourself a pat on the back for the serious commitment and hard work. Then, try to do something indulgent and treat yourself to some non-food rewards, like a beauty treatment, relaxation, or a gorgeous gift. Do this so you have something to look forward to when you achieve a goal on your VLCD plan. 


6. Remove Your Fat Clothes From Your Closet


Mind over matter. If you remove the old clothes that are too big for you, you are sending a message to your subconscious that you do not have to wear those clothes anymore since you will be fit. Pack your old clothes, and shop for new ones in your current size; this will definitely keep you motivated. 




A Very Low Calory Diet is a hardcore diet that needs motivation and professional guidance. In addition, it should involve clinical care, especially since not all body types are the same. To know what program is suitable for you, you need to consult with a medical weight loss clinic before applying any kind of diet. 

If you are ready for your weight loss journey and are looking for a wellness clinic in Birmingham, Weight to Wellness offers a personalized plan that can work for you. Our tailored one-on-one approach tends to yield faster results in the long run. We can help you hit your goal number on the scale and help you stick to a new lifestyle. Contact us to start your journey today! 

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