It’s Time, Let’s Exercise

Another year has passed. Did you stick to your exercise program? Some of you may not have simply because you did not know what to expect when you started your exercise program. The results you get at first may have discouraged. Here is a little information you may not have known. Starting a new exercise program may cause you to see a slight increase instead of decrease on the scale. That alone can make you want to give up. Please note this is not fat gain. This temporary weight gain can be explained. The more intense and unfamiliar the exercise, the more intense the muscle soreness may be. You may notice this soreness 24 to 48 hours after each workout. The reason for the soreness is because the muscle becomes inflamed and slightly swollen with fluid retention. Your body reacts to protect and defend the effected or targeted tissue. This temporary retention of fluid can cause you to see a three to four pound weight gain within a few weeks. Keep in mind that the muscle soreness is not necessarily a reflection of how hard you worked. Some people may have no soreness and still experience the water retention and slight swelling. Not understanding this is the reason many people start and then quickly quit their weight loss and exercise program.


Please do not become discouraged and stop your exercise program. The weight increase is temporary and most likely will only last two to three weeks. After that time you will start to notice a big drop on the scales. Plus you are now on your way to having a more toned and healthy body. The results will be worth a few days of soreness.


It is also important to keep a few others things in mind as you start your exercise program. Remember that safety should always come first. If you have not had regular checkups we suggest you talk to your doctor about your workout plans. Find out if there are any reasons to modify your program. Once you begin listen to your body and do what you can as long as you are comfortable.

Do not forget to drink plenty of water. Sometimes older adults do not feel thirsty even when their body needs fluids. So unless your doctor has instructed you to limit fluids be sure to drink water when you exercise.


When you exercise wear comfortable clothes. Your outfit for exercising does not have to be costly or fancy but it is important that it lets you move freely.


Oh yes, it is important to spend around five minutes at the start of your routine to warm up. Warming up allows your muscles time to get ready to work and may prevent injury and reduce muscle soreness later.


Note that you can get exercise by taking a walk, riding a bike, dancing around your living room or kitchen, and by walking up and down the stairs a few times. Be creative but be sure to exercise.


For more information and support with your exercise and weight program contact Weigh to Wellness at 205-994-2393. You can visit us on the web at They are the experts on weight loss and look forward to helping you become a “happier, healthier you.

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