9 Low-Calorie Foods to Add to Your Weight Loss Diets

If you’re on a weight loss journey, it is important to know that you need to consume lower calories than what your body usually burns. To achieve this, you should choose low-calorie food items to add to your daily diet!

However, it is also crucial to know that not all low-calorie foods are the same. Some food items will still leave you hungry after consuming them. As such, the highly recommended foods are those that are low in calories and dense in nutrients.

If you’re wondering what should be incorporated into your diet, the following list will give you a good idea:

1) Apples

According to experts, an apple a day can help in losing weight! Apples contain a rich amount of fiber and are a tasty way to satisfy your cravings. When kids consume apples, they will have a lower risk for obesity and promote a healthier overall diet. 

Make sure to eat apples with skin since this part has the most fiber.

2) Crunchy Vegetables

As we all know, vegetables are nutritious and low in calories. That’s why they are a favorite when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight!

You can enjoy a vegetable-based snack by preparing veggies like celery, broccoli, bell pepper, carrots, and cucumbers.

3) Eggs

One of the healthiest breakfast items to include in your weight loss diet is eggs! These breakfast staples are rich in nutrients and proteins. Experts recommend hard-boiled eggs, along with salads and other healthy dishes to promote a healthier weight loss journey.

4) Grapefruit

Grapefruit is rich in fiber and water content that can make you feel less hungry. It is also a common favorite because it tastes good, like a sweet-tart! A study also mentioned that eating fresh grapefruit thrice a day before each meal can help you lose more weight in 12 weeks compared to those who did not eat grapefruit.

5) Fish

Fish is rich in protein and can help a person feel full because it digests slowly. This characteristic makes it a good option for weight loss. Experts advised people on a weight loss journey to eat fish with omega-3 fatty acids, such as sardines and salmon.

6) Canned tuna

If you don’t like cooking fish dishes, then try canned tuna instead! It has the same benefits without the complex and tedious cooking and preparations. 

Choose to mix your tuna with healthier options instead of high-calorie mayo. You can try onion, tomato, peppers, cilantro, and other vegetables to give that fish some zesty taste while still remaining healthy!

7) Tomatoes 

Tomatoes contain very low calories, yet they can keep you satiated because of their high water content, fiber content, and robust flavor. Make it tastier by sprinkling some pepper and drizzling some olive oil on your tomato slices!

8) Soup

A soup contains a lot of liquid but fewer calories. This helps you lessen the amount you will eat all day because you will feel full already. 

It’s best to go for vegetable soup with a clear broth instead of choosing creamy ones, as these are often richer and can contain more calories.

9) Chicken breast

Another good source of protein and low fat is chicken breast. Eating poultry products such as chicken breast can lead to better overall health. 

It is found out that a 100-gram serving of chicken can provide 25% fewer calories and lower fat than beef served at the same size. It will be better to eat chicken breast with salads, tacos, or lettuce wrap.


When you’re compiling healthy foods that can help you feel satiated when losing weight, don’t forget water! Water contains zero calories and is essential to health. Drinking water before a meal can help avoid eating too much, so you’ll avoid more calories. To achieve a more satisfying weight loss journey, you should prefer foods packed with nutrients and fewer calories. 

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