No Excuse Continued

As he promised us last week Uncle Bud showed up at the Coffee Club meeting ready to give us information about “no excuse” exercising. He is a firm believer in taking time to exercise no matter where you are or what equipment or lack of equipment you have available. Last week he ran out of time and did not want that to happen today so he started right in after his first cup of coffee. Yes, he allows himself one cup of coffee per day.


Back Leg Raise

Uncle Bud stands behind his chair and begins to show us the back leg raise. First be sure you chose a sturdy chair, holding on for balance. Slowly lift your right leg straight back. Do not bend your knee and do not point your toes. It is best if you do not lean forward. Keep your left leg slightly bent. Hold this position for about a second or two. Lower your right leg slowly. Repeat this for 10-15 times. Now do the same with the left leg. Uncle Bud points out that he has weights on his ankles and tells us our goal should be to add weights as our legs get stronger.


Side Leg Raise

This time stand behind the chair. Slowly lift one leg out to the side. Again keep your back straight and your toes facing forward. Do not forget to keep the leg you are standing on slightly bent. Hold this position for a second or two. Slowly lower your leg. Repeat this step 10-15 times. Repeat the routine with the other leg. Once again Uncle Bud challenges us to reach the point we are able to add weights to our ankles while doing the exercise.


Toe Stand

By now some of us have figured out that not only is Uncle Bud showing us how do these exercises he is actually getting in his exercise for the day. Fred asks him and he admits he has a full schedule and that is exactly what he is doing. Not missing a beat he takes hold of the back of the chair while telling us to stand with our feet shoulder width apart. Slowly stand on your tiptoes as high as possible. Hold the position for a second or two. Slowly lower heels to the floor. Repeat this for 10-15 times. As you progress try doing the exercise on one leg at a time.


Stand on One Foot

Holding on to the chair for balance stand on one foot for 10 seconds. Repeat for 1-15 times. Do this with each foot. And as with the other exercises work to increase the time you repeat each



Uncle Bud points out that these are simple exercises that can be done anywhere. He tells those  who have stuck to and exercise program may find them “oh hum”. But they will come in handy for those just beginning a program or for someone who finds themselves on the go with no equipment to use or place to walk. The point is to do some form of exercise every day.


Not being able to let the opportunity go by he reminds us as we leave that there are a few of us in club that still need to shed a few pounds. Exercise is a must but you need to comment to a total life change in how you eat too. So for more information on how your health is affected by your weight contact Weigh to Wellness at 205-994-2393. Visit them on the web at


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