Benefits of Weight Loss

The Many Health Benefits of Weight Loss

We could sit here and talk all day about the benefits of weight loss- whether the outward appearance benefits or the health benefits. You may be working with Weight to Wellness to meet your weight loss goals because you don’t like what you see in the mirror, or you may be doing it to be a healthier, happier you, or for both reasons. Reminder- “Healthy weight loss isn’t just about a ‘diet’. It’s about an ongoing lifestyle that includes long-term changes in daily eating and exercise habits,” says the CDC. At Weigh to Wellness, that’s exactly our goal- to help kickstart a healthy lifestyle so you can live a fulfilling life. 

If you’re only needing to lose a relatively small amount of weight, you can still see benefits, but maybe not as clearly as those who lose a substantial amount of weight. It’s also important to remember that some of these medical, mental, and emotional health benefits will vary based on any illnesses you may have or even your genetics. As you start one of our weight loss programs at our clinic in Birmingham, AL, we will evaluate your current medical status and what needs to be specifically targeted. 

Ok now let’s discuss some of the immediate and long-term health benefits of weight loss- some are obvious and some may surprise you! As you look over these, which do you hope to see/have? If you’ve already made progress in your weight loss journey, have you seen any of these in your life yet? If so, which ones?

Medical Health Benefits 

Even a small decrease in weight can make a huge difference physically and medically. You don’t even have to hit your weight loss goal before you start seeing some of these benefits. Carrying around more weight than your body is designed for puts pressure on your joints as well as affect your internal systems as well. So any weight you lose can begin relieving your ailments. Weight loss may lead to these medical benefits:


  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Balanced blood sugars
  • Better cholesterol levels
  • Decreased risk of diabetes
  • Decreased risk of heart disease
  • Decreased risk of certain cancers
  • Improved mobility
  • Decreased joint pain
  • Decreased risk of stroke
  • Reduced back pain
  • Decreased risk of osteoarthritis
  • Decreased risk or improvement in symptoms of sleep apnea


Other Health Benefits

In addition to the medical health benefits, weight loss can lead to better social, emotional, and mental health as well. People who have successfully lost weight report:1

  • A more active social life
  • Greater confidence
  • Better sleep
  • Improved energy
  • Decreased stress
  • Improved body image
  • Improved vitality
  • Improved mood

As you can see, weight loss has so many various benefits, all of which are positive. We’re talking about healthy weight loss, which can be achieved through our weight loss programs at Weigh to Wellness in Birmingham, AL. Our physician and nutritionist will gladly go into deeper detail with you regarding your health goals and what issues you may see improve in. At Weight to Wellness, everyone isn’t on the same plan, instead, it is personally tailored to your needs and your body. You can choose to eat and drink the food and beverages we provide, or get some advice on how to better shop for healthier options at the grocery store. Our whole team works together to help you meet your goals the way that works best with your lifestyle and your needs. When you’re ready to get started on your weight loss journey, contact us to schedule your first FREE consultation. Our team looks forward to working with you on your goals. 

¹ Swencionis C, Wylie-Rosett J, Lent MR, et al. Weight change, psychological well-being, and vitality in adults participating in a cognitive-behavioral weight loss program. Health Psychol. 2013;32(4):439-46. doi:10.1037/a0029186

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