Are You Ready?

Here we are again having lunch together and promising each other we will start a diet tomorrow. Yea, we are making plans to eat healthy, exercise, lose weight, etc. Oh, how many times have we made these plans. We want to, we intend to, we plan to, but we just don’t follow through. We may make it a week or two. Once we even lasted a month. Who doesn’t want to feel better, look better, and above all become healthier.

Marylou is telling us that she knows she has actually reach the place of no return. Her doctor has told he she must lose weight or prepare to start having some serious health problems. She is asking us as her friends and the group she confides in to help her. We all know that it takes more than the desire to drop those extra pounds. We all agree to give it our best shot to really lose them.  We will start by being accountable to each other.

So all five of us agree we have the desire to lose weight and we have just made the commitment to each other to do whatever it takes. We agree that in order to keep our commitment to each other we will all have to make some major lifestyle changes. We decide that we will each keep a diary of the food we eat during the upcoming week and compare them next Friday morning. We are also going to keep a log of the exercise we do.

Marlow reminds us to he honest with ourselves. It will not help us if we eat three donuts and only write down that we ate one. Nor will it help to pretend we walk a mile if it is only a block that feels like a mile.

We are excited that we actually have a plan and partners that will hold us accountable. Hopefully it will even be easier to eat healthy knowing we will be sharing our daily intake with someone who cares and is encouraging us to develop a healthy lifestyle.

We also agree that if any of us have the slightest problem keep out group commitment we will all go to WeightoWellness. After all the things we have heard about the health care professionals there we know the staff can help us.

They will help us set our goals, plan our meals and snacks, and help us set up our exercise programs. The wonderful thing is they will help each of us set the program just for us. We are five different people and our programs will be personalized for us on a one on one basics.

After visiting for a little longer we ask each other why are we going to waste another week. We all know we need to go to WeightoWellness. Several of our friends have already reached their goals and are working on the maintenance program. So we plan to be there first thing in the morning.

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