Get Serious!

Most of the gang is back to attending the Coffee Club get together every week. This morning we are in rare form and enjoying the beautiful morning. As always the conversation heads toward the fact that someone wants to drop a few pounds. Okay… some of us have more than a few to drop. Mary, who goes on a diet every Monday morning, tells us that she is serious this time. She says, “I’m really serious about my diet this time. In fact I’m so serious, I’ve started using a salad dressing called Six Hundred Islands.” She gets the laugh she expected.

It’s easy to joke about a health problem, but it’s never easy to actually address the problem. If you’re having a hard time starting a diet and exercise program, it’s time for you to seek the help of the health care professionals at Weigh to Wellness.

Countless people have used Weigh to Wellness to lose weight and keep it off. What does the team at W2W do that is so different from many other places? For starters, they care. The staff is knowledgable, passionate about health, and eager to help you change your life for the better.

During your first trip to Weigh to Wellness, you and the staff member you work with will discuss what your health care concerns are, and how to go about losing weight and becoming the healthiest person you can possibly be. You will have blood drawn, so that during the next week, the staff can address and discuss your health in much greater detail.  From there, you will always be a part of the goal-setting and program-planning. Everyone wants to be healthy, but everyone is different — the staff at Weigh to Wellness will help you plan exercises and other aspects of a healthy lifestyle that are tailored to your goals, your health, and your ability. Change takes time, so don’t let yourself become discouraged! As you lose weight and build strength, your exercise program will adapt accordingly. You will also have input into the way you want to eat. If you choose to cook all your meals, you can get some very tasty recipes from Weigh to Wellness. If you’d rather not cook much, you can purchase meals directly from them! The meal replacement shakes and snacks they have available for purchase are healthy and taste great. As needed, the doctor on staff can prescribe a diet pill to get you started on your journey.

There are many success stories right here within our group. Each of them has a different story to share, but one thing they all seem to rave about is how the entire staff at Weigh to Wellness shows they care. They tell us the staff is encouraging and never makes them feel down if they fail to lose the pounds expected between weigh-ins. That goes a long way with friends like mine. Another of our group, Sam, told us that he feels as if the staff members become your friends, and you never dread going in for your weigh-in.  In fact, he says he looks forward to his visit each week!

If you are ready to get serious, now is the time. Call Weigh to Wellness today!  205-994-2393

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