Get In Shape by Christmas

Can any of you believe that it is only 144 days until Christmas? That was the first thing out of Uncle Bud’s mouth this morning. The entire Coffee Club was surprised. Seems like just yesterday he was asking us if we wanted to get in shape by summer.

Most of the ladies in the group started asking themselves if the party dresses they wore last year would still fit. Some of us jokingly said it would be easier to buy new outfits than trying to lose those extra pounds. However, Uncle Bud put and end to that conversation quickly. He tells us that it is not just the “clothes” it is our health he is concerned about. He is such a caring person and wants all of us to to feel as good as possible and to be as healthy as possible. He reminds us often that anyone who sets their mind to it can achieve the lifestyle changes needed to shed a few (or many) pounds. As we have told you before we sometimes call him Uncle Coach because of the way he encourages us to workout, eat right, and walk, walk, walk. We listen to him because we all know he walks his talk.

Mary tells us that she really does not need to spend money on new clothes just to wear for a few days during the holidays. After all if she would lose just ten pounds everything in her closet  would fit comfortably and she would not have to squeeze into her favorite blue suit.  Nothing is worse than wanting to look your best but feeling so uncomfortable that you feel unattractive even if you receive compliments on your appearance.

Uncle Bud jumps right on this. He begins, “Now listen to me, it is not about feeling attractive or being able to wear your beautiful clothes. No, it is about making the lifestyle changes you need to make to shed those extra pounds and keeping them off”.

He continues to remind the members of the Coffee Club about the success he and several of the members have had by going to WeightoWellness. While it is true that you can lose weight and exercise on your own it is also true that many people do not. Think about this for a minute. How many times have you started a diet and exercise program to find out you give up in a few weeks? This would not be the case if you have the support of the health care professionals at WeightoWellness.  Remember that every person who goes to this group gets personal attention. Your diet and exercise program will be tailored to your personal needs. The group will help you set your goals and be there to encourage you every step of the way.

You will be happy to know that you can get healthy snacks, shakes, and meals from WeightoWellness. This takes all the guesswork out of what you should eat. However, if you prefer to cook for yourself just ask for their receipts.

We invite you to check them out today:  205-994-2393   <a href=””></a>

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