How Blood Sugar Effects Weight Loss

As some of you know by now the members of the Coffee Club enjoy discussing topics that affect our health. Well, we mostly listen to our self appointed leader, Uncle Bud. Incase  you haven’t heard this before Uncle Bud is one of those guys everybody loves and calls uncle but he is not the uncle of any one we know. Uncle Bud encourages us to do all we can to improve our health. We love him because he keeps us informed and does the homework we do not have time to do. However, he never fails to encourage us to double check the information he shares. He reminds us about Weigh to Wellness and the fact that there you can get help from a group of health professionals who can help us reach any goals we have to lose weight and become the healthiest person we can.

Today he starts by asking if any of us know how blood sugar works. Without giving anyone a chance to answer he begins by telling us some interesting facts. For example, did you know when we eat carbohydrates are converted by the body into blood sugar (glucose). Glucose is our main source of energy. Our blood sugar level can affect how hungry and energetic we feel. Whether our body stores fat or burns fat is determined by glucose. At this point, Uncle Bud has our attention because most of us need to “burn fat” or at least keep the fat off we have worked so hard to “burn”.

He continues by telling us that the pancreas creates a hormone (insulin) that transports blood sugar into the cells of our body. Here it is used for energy. If we eat refined grains, sugar, or other foods rich in carbohydrates but low in fiber the pancreas works overtime to produce insulin. This surge of insulin tells our bodies that energy is now available and to stop burning fat and start storing it. Now this is not good because an insulin surge can cause too much blood sugar to be carried out of the blood. This may cause the blood sugar and insulin levels to drop below normal. This leads to us feeling tired and wanting to eat more. Of course, the cycle begins over again because we want to eat more foods with a high sugar content.

You may be wondering how this affect your weight loss. Well, you see, insulin is the fat storage hormone so when your insulin levels rise, your body stops burning fat. There is more to weight loss than just calories in and calories out. It is important what foods we get calories from.

We need to realize that skipping a meal or going on a crash diet is not the way to shed those extra pounds. Remember that when we go four or five hours without eating our blood sugar may become unstable. That is why you tend to become tired and cranky. Even your brain may not be functioning well. Food is necessary and important to our health. But what food we consume is the key. Let’s admit it, that donut is so good to taste, but not so good for our overall health.

Time to leave and got to work for many of us.  As we leave Uncle Bud encourages us to remember to eat right and exercise. He also reminds those who have not yet committed to a lifestyle change to at least give Weigh to Wellness a call. Many of us have had success with this group.

Give them a call today.  205-994-2393

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