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4 Ways to Get Into a Truly Good Mindset for Weight Loss

The journey to weight loss can be rather long and difficult for some people. It can be a case of troublesome metabolism or uncontrollable appetite, but there’s also the mental commitment when it comes to weight loss. Some people can find that they need to find in-depth ways of motivating themselves to get into their weight loss program.

Two big steps are needed when trying to slim down. The first is to fully equip yourself with the right diet and guidance when it’s time to lose some weight. Once you have those, you’re just about ready to take the second step and create an accommodating mentality. Here are some simple ways on how you can get a truly good mindset when losing weight.

1) Practice Self-Affirmations

Integrating positive words into your thoughts and days can be quite liberating, as there are often too many negative statements ingrained in your own head. It’s a process to unlearn the debilitating doubt that you’ve developed and internalized. Work on introducing more affirming beliefs during your weight loss journey.

Saying to yourself that “I will be healthier and stronger” and “I believe in myself, I will lose weight” can be a good practice in the mornings. Reassuring yourself with such ideas can help in achieving a better mindset and believing in yourself. 

2) Strive to Be Your Ideal Self

One thing that many people on their weight loss journey need to know is that they shouldn’t be trying to have someone else’s body. It’s good if there are similarities or you use someone as an inspiration, but losing weight is something for you. It’s best to strive to be yourself at an ideal weight that you’re comfortable with.

When you’re going through your diet and losing weight, set your objective as becoming the best version of yourself. Looking at it in that way can be much more freeing. It keeps you from berating yourself if you don’t appear as someone else. 

3) Keep a Short Journal 

Experts recommend keeping a separate journal to record certain milestones that they may have throughout their weight loss journey. Sometimes, it doesn’t even have to be the weight they’re at on that date. Try to note down certain things you did to work towards your weight loss, such as the food that you ate or the exercise you did on that day.

Dedicate some pages for quotes and certain beliefs that might have helped in motivating you as well. Log in some of your own reaffirmations, or write in some inspiring texts you might have seen on social media. Noting some encouraging comments from others can be reassuring too.

4) Go Easy on Yourself

The best way to get into a good mindset for your weight loss journey is to go easy on yourself. You can’t beat yourself up if you take a little bit too long. You have all the time in the world, so take those baby steps and focus when you can.

If you can’t drop an hour from the day to exercise, you can take a short walk instead. Reward yourself for sticking with a healthy meal for the week by getting yourself something. Your weight loss progress will run much smoother and be more mentally fulfilling that way.


It’s not an easy feat to just do an entire mental turnaround and gain a new mindset right away. Just like with losing weight, you need to work for it and take a bit of extra time. With a truly good mentality, you’ve successfully taken a step that will make all the difference in your weight loss journey.

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