Guilt Free Labor Day

Most of us want to enjoy a holiday without thinking “diet”.

But so many people have to at least keep healthy eating in the back of their minds. At least that is the way it is with the member of the Coffee Club. So today Uncle Bud wants us to” brain storm” about how we can enjoy Labor Day without waking up the next day with all the guilt that goes along with overeating. Admit it, you feel the same pain and guilt the rest of us feel when you over enjoy a holiday.

Uncle Bud is telling us we can eat a lot of the things we want to enjoy over the holiday without  having to worry about it the entire next week. Sounds good so far but we need to know how.

When Uncle Bud tells us that he read where Marcey Rader, M.Ed, said, “Studies show that individuals who are overweight tend to go through the  line (buffet)  and fill their plate as they go through it”, that there will be no so called brain storming. No, he has our lesson for today loaded and ready.

Sam was able to get in a question. He ask, “just how can we keep for doing that when everything looks so good”? Here is the answer. Instead of getting in line and filling your plate scope out the line. Look at everything and then step back and decide what you want most. You can save a lot of calories by making a few sacrifices.

Another way to help control what you eat would be to discuss with friends who are bring food for the holiday meal and agree that each of you will bring something that will be a healthy choice. For example be the one to bring a fruit and veggie dish. You know there will be a salad so suggest that someone bring olive oil and balsamic vinegar instead of a fat laden dressing. You know BQ of some sort will be on the buffet so ahead of time  decide you will have the chicken.

Uncle Bud now tells us that we need to only concern ourselves with what we are personally accountable  for. He shares that Bob Wright, Hilton Head Health’s Director of Education says, “Control the controllables. Have a good balanced breakfast and maybe a healthy snack before the Labor Day buffet, which will help rein in hunger and empower you to make better food choices.” And when you do indulge, consume conscientiously . “Eat treats mindfully,” Wright says. “If you are going to have one, eat it slowly and savor every bite.” ” Have no say in what Auntie May whips up for the annual Labor Day feast? Don’t sweat it. “If you don’t have as much control over the food choices, be sure to get a good workout in in the morning, and look for ways to stay more active during the weekend,” adds Wright.

As alway we are thankful for Uncle Bud and the fact he will read and share. We did not want to “brain storm” this morning anyway. As we leave we are all looking forward to the upcoming Labor Day meal.

Mary reminds us the best place for more suggestions on healthy eating is WeightoWellness. Don’t you think it is time to give them a call. The health care professionals there want you to have success in losing weight and living a healthy life.




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