Simple Changes

You have really tried to lose weight but the last few pounds are hanging on. Many people have learned that a few simple changes can help them lose those last pounds and reach their goal.


Sleep is important, but too much (over 9 hours a night) or too little (less than 5 hours a night) may be a reason you gain weight or can’t lose those last pounds. Both too much sleep and too little sleep can affect the way the body makes hormones that control appetite and hunger.


Are you drinking enough water? Water has no calories and it satisfies your thirst without adding any weight. Most all diet experts will tell you to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Drinking water may help you leave off the sodas, juices, and other drinks that are packed with sugar. Any type of sugar laden drink can add unwanted pounds.


It is important that you eat breakfast to get your metabolism going in the AM. But did you know spacing out your meals too much will slow your metabolism down. Once this happens the body will not burn as many calories from the next meal. Do not let yourself get too hungry or you may over eat. There again “extra calories”. Many people realize they do better by eating smaller portions at mealtime and having a healthy snack between meals.


Due to the fast paced life people now live many are eating out everyday. Some will skip breakfast then eat out lunch and dinner. This makes it hard to keep up with the actual calories taken in daily. Even the light dishes at a restaurant may have more calories than your brown bag lunch. We tend to think a salad is always safe but with all the “add ons” that are often available the calories can add up fast.


For those who have a desk job or maybe the TV habit you can count on having a hard time losing those last few pounds you want to drop. Sitting and not getting up to move around may cause your body to lose the ability to know you have overeaten. Over eat often enough and here comes the pounds. Get in the habit of getting out of your chair and taking an exercise break several time a day at work. Also do this when watching TV.


If you enjoy an alcoholic drink limit it to one a day. Whether it is wine, beer, or a mixed drink if you have 3 or more a day on a regular basis you can expect to have a hard time losing weight. In Fact you may gain weight.


So you don’t like to cook and you don’t want to plan your meals and snacks. We have good news for you. The health care professionals at WeightoWellness can do all that for you. You can get healthy meals and snacks from them. They will help you plan your meals and snacks. Stick to the plan and you will not be tempted to grab something on the go. You can get help from them planning the exercise program you need be on. The staff will encourage you every step of the way. We encourage you to call them today. Many people have and are enjoying  a better life.

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