Stay the Course This Holiday Season with This Advice

Each year we discuss ways to prevent weight gain and give advice on what to do at all the holiday get-togethers. 2020 is a unique year- many are having fewer cookie swaps, work parties, and feasts with tables full of food. If you are attending a holiday event, check out our previous blog posts for lots of helpful tips. But since the holidays look a lot different for many of us, this year we want to discuss what to do in everyday life, not just at parties. The holidays bring all kinds of daily temptations from drinks to snack cakes, so how do we watch what we eat (and drink) without being totally miserable? 

Drink in moderation

We know to eat in moderation, but often we overlook the calories and ingredients we drink. This applies to soft drinks, sweet tea, alcoholic drinks, and even juices. Maybe you started drinking alcohol more often since the lockdowns earlier this year- remember to try to avoid the ones that are loaded with carbs and sugars and drink in moderation. For sweet tea and sodas, if you can’t cut those out completely, then maybe set a weekly limit or only enjoy when you’re having a night out. We know you already know how bad sodas and diet soda can be for you, but we also understand needing a “pick me up” sometimes. Start trying out other options- if you love carbonation, considering sparkling waters or seltzers. If you need caffeine, try out green tea or a little bit of coffee (minus all the sugary additives). If anything sneaks up on you and your weight loss goals this season, it’s drinks, so be aware of that and enjoy in moderation.

Choose smart snacks

When it gets colder outside and cozier inside, we tend to snack more and enjoy ALL the holiday food. While eating multiple, smaller meals throughout the day can be good for you, constant snacking can really hinder you as you try to lose weight. Especially holiday snacks- we could make a list of our favorite holiday goodies, but we would all start drooling. Many of these tasty treats are so yummy because of the massive amounts of sugar, butter, dairy, and/or fat in them, so they can quickly wreck a healthy lifestyle. Thankfully, there are a lot of substitutions and alternatives out there (see tip below), so you don’t have to completely go without. 

When grocery shopping, put down the tree cakes and opt for some pure dark chocolate. If you struggle with self-control at the grocery store (like so many of us), consider asking a friend or family member to join you or place your grocery order online with someone looking over your shoulder. 

Better yet, get healthy snacks from us here at our Weigh to Wellness weight loss clinic in Birmingham, AL so you don’t have to worry about reading every nutrition label at the store. Snacking smart can not only prevent some dreaded holiday weight gain (or stalling), but also give you the energy for all the holiday festivities. 

Find alternative recipes for your favorites

Thankfully, healthier food and recipe alternatives are extremely popular and easy to find- hello, Pinterest! If you have a snack or food that you absolutely love at the holidays, but you know that it’s not good for your goals or that you’ll eat too much of it, research alternative recipes. The internet is full of knock-off recipes, keto-friendly recipes, low-fat, vegetable substitutions and more, like this keto sugar cookie recipe. You don’t have to avoid your favorites- just find new and fun ways to make them better for your weight loss progress. And if there’s a holiday food you’re practically obsessed with, let yourself enjoy a few this year! If you make the process miserable, you may not stick with it. Just do everything in moderation! 

Remember, your Weigh to Wellness weight loss team is right here at our clinic in Birmingham, AL ready to help you maintain your weight loss goals throughout the holiday season! Contact us at (205) 994-2393 if you haven’t already, so that you can have accountability, support, and the right tools for your weight loss journey. Happy holidays from all of us here at Weigh to Wellness!


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