What is Good Health

If you have been keeping up with the news from the Coffee Club you know that most of us depend on Uncle Bud to keep us informed and motivated to take care of our health. He encourages us to eat healthy, exercise, and stay informed on things we can do to improve or maintain the level of health we enjoy. Today he asks us a question no one had ever thought about. “What is good health”? No one was surprised that the question came without so much as a good morning first. Nor were we surprised that he gave us no time to think about the answer before he begins giving us his views. According to Uncle Bud, good health is the body functioning as was intended. Good health comes from within when the nervous system is free to carry on its primary role and deliver the impulses of awareness and vitality to and from the brain and every tissue cell in our makeup. Now, Uncle Bud is good but all of us knew he had to have read this somewhere. Phil could not let it rest and ask him where he read that information. With a hardy laugh Uncle Bud shares with us that he had indeed read an article by Hal S. Crowe, Sr., D. C. Defending himself, Uncle Bud, goes on to tell us that Mr. Crowe, thinks a lot like he does. You just have to love our Uncle Bud. He continues to tell us the article stated what he has preached to us over and over. Everyone needs to learn to live a normal routine of activity, maintain a positive attitude, spend quality time with friends and family, exercise, get plenty of rest and relaxation, eat good wholesome food and come to the Coffee Club meetings every week. We doubt the Coffee Club meetings were part of the article but it was good for a laugh.


Eleanor is one of the newer members of the Coffee Club and is interested in everything Uncle Bud has to say about good health. She tells us she has come to realize that until a person is sick he/she may not have the full realization and appreciation of what it means to enjoy “good health”. She has always felt, in spite of carrying around about 35 extra pounds, that she was in good health. However, at her last doctor’s appointment she found out otherwise. Eleanor shares with us that she left the office in what she calls “panic mode”. Her doctor wants her to lose weight and gave her list dos and don’ts. From past experience she knows she will need help. She shares that she is one of those people who starts off with a bang but does not have the willpower to stick with a diet. She shared this with Jane who invited her to meet with us this morning.


Coming to the Coffee Club was a good start but we know it alone is not what Eleanor needs. There are five of us now who have found the help we need at Weigh to Wellness. We tell her if she is really serious about her health and losing those extra pounds that Weigh to Wellness is the place to go. The professionals there not only know what we need to do, they care. As we leave to go Eleanor thanks us and assures us she is ready for a lifestyle change.


If you are ready to feel your best call Weigh to Wellness at 205-994-2393. You can find them on the web at https://www.weightowellnessllc.com.

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