Your Family Your Weight

Once in a blue moon Uncle Bud surprises the Coffee Club. This morning is one of those “blue moon” days. He comes in smiling from ear to ear and actually says, “Good morning all”. Then he tells us that a member of the club shared her family’s plan for making a lifestyle change. Believe it or not he then turns the meeting over to Mary Jane. Man, he does not say another word. We are shocked.

We have often talked about getting a support group to help you stick with your diet and exercise plan. Today Mary Jane told us she has come up with the best plan ever. She told us that she has realized her family often picks up her bad habits but never seems to pick up her good habits. Because Mary Jane has always been overweight and practiced poor eating habits she is concerned about her family doing the same. In fact, she knows it has already happened. After all they consume about two gallons of ice cream each week. The bedtime snack is good but it is not good for any of them to eat as much as they do then go to bed. So what is her wonderful plan? Last night she challenged her family to become her support group as she begins her journey to changing her lifestyle.

Phil asked her how she was able to get her family to agree. She told us she just ask them one question, “Why should we choose a healthy lifestyle”? To her surprise they began to come up with all the right answers. (Live longer, feel better, and improve your performance in sports or at work and live to see your grandchildren) Her older children and her husband admitted they had become concerned about the weight Mary Jane had put on over the past year. The oldest son said he had already seen the pattern in himself and is ready for a lifestyle change too.

The first thing each member is going to do is come up with a game they can play together that will give them a workout and allow them to spend quality time together. Each person is also going to search for healthy recipes and take turns cooking for the family.

Mary Jane has our attention and we want to hear more. She tells us that we all know reducing calories is a must if we want to lose weight. We have discussed the basal metabolic rate several times but she reminds us that BMR refers to the amount of calories burned at resting levels. Sorry ladies but guys get 2,700 to 2,900 calories daily but for women it is typically around 2,000 to 2,100. She laughs as she tells us that when she gives up the ice cream she may very well be in her calorie limit.

While this family has agreed to work together to help Mom with her weight loss she has also join Weigh to Wellness. We are excited to hear her say this because several of us have already seen great results by having them work with us to reach our goal and to maintain the loss.

Are you ready for a lifestyle change? If you are call Weigh to Wellness 205-994-2393. You can visit them on the web at

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