Get Serious!

Most of the gang is back to attending the Coffee Club get together every week. This morning we are in rare form and enjoying the beautiful morning. As always the conversation heads toward the fact that someone wants to drop a few pounds. Okay… some of us have more than a few to drop. Mary, …

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Are You Ready?

Here we are again having lunch together and promising each other we will start a diet tomorrow. Yea, we are making plans to eat healthy, exercise, lose weight, etc. Oh, how many times have we made these plans. We want to, we intend to, we plan to, but we just don’t follow through. We may …

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Helpful Diet Programs

Goodness, if you start looking for the best place to go for help losing weight it can become very confusing. They all claim to be the best and the safest. Many have learned that the best one for them is WeightoWellness. Our group of friends have several who have had wonderful results with losing weight …

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Summer Is Here!

Have you let summer come again and you still have the extra pounds you had promised yourself to drop. Maybe you have some habits you really need to change. When you walk in your favorite coffee each morning do they start fixing your latte and breakfast before you even open your mouth?  Why don’t you …

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Health Hints

You may be great at doing your daily exercise but that is really not enough. If you sit around for the rest of the day have you really accomplished anything. Get up and be active all day long. For example if you have a desk job it is important that you get up every hour …

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Simple Changes

You have really tried to lose weight but the last few pounds are hanging on. Many people have learned that a few simple changes can help them lose those last pounds and reach their goal.   Sleep is important, but too much (over 9 hours a night) or too little (less than 5 hours a …

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